KATHTHI – Movie Review

#KATHTHI – Movie Review 116.Kaththi - Movie Review After the stupendous success of THUPPAKKI in 2012, A.R.Murugadoss announced in early 2013 that his next film after HOLIDAY will also be with Vijay. Expectations raised high when the title was revealed and Samantha, Neil Nitin Mukesh, Anirudh and George C Williams were announced to be a part of the film unit. When A.R.Murugadoss revealed that the film will have Vijay playing a dual role, it doubled Vijay fans’ excitement too! The shooting started in February 2014 and the whole filming was completed on 30th September, 2014. The songs are a huge hit already and the expectations are so high. Has ‘Ilaiya Thalapathy’ managed to give a SUPER HIT after the average THALAIVAA and below average JILLA? Read on, to know! STORY: Kathiresan (Vijay), a small-time criminal escapes from prison and plans to flee to Bangkok. He meets a girl in between and falls in love with her. Meanwhile, he also comes across his look-alike Jeevanantham and decides to take his place. What happens next forms the crux of the story. KATHTHI can be called as the ‘Best commercial film of 2014′ till date. It will be the first SUPER HIT film for Vijay in dual role, and it is sure going to be a great treat for Vijay fans. #THUPPAKKI was a tribute for the #Indian_Army, whereas KATHTHI is a prideful tribute for the #Indian_Farmers. The film has a tight slap for all of us people and media for putting aside even the news of Farmers’ mass suicide! Salutes to A.R.Murugadoss for choosing this as the film’s plot! The story begins right from the first frame and progresses in the right pace till the end. ARM’s screenplay is gripping, with a few slow / sluggish moments here and there. After KAAVALAN & NANBAN, Vijay has got a role with a lot of chances to prove himself in emotional scenes too, and he has used that perfectly. He has tried to show some difference in body language and dialogue modulation between the two characters too. Also, he doesn’t fail to offer what his fans expect from him – dance, comedy and massive action. Each and every stunt sequence in the film will be celebrated by his fans and for sure his fans will go crazy over the interval dialogue! Samantha comes in a typical Tamil cinema heroine role; she has got good screen space but nothing much to perform. Sathish has got a very big role in his career, who comes all through the film along with Vijay; he has scored in each and every scene he appears. Neil Nitin Mukesh has not been utilized properly; to be frank, he was not needed for such a small role at all. Also, the much anticipated ‘Bad Eyes’ theme has also been wasted. Dialogues by A.R.Murugadoss are too sharp, as like always; particularly in the Press meet scene and the definition of Communism. The cinematography is stunning, to say the least. And, this review would be incomplete without speaking on the scintillating BGM from Anirudh, his songs and background score are the biggest plus point of KATHTHI. Murugadoss has made a wise decision by not adding PAALAM song in the film, which would have been a very big speed breaker. On flipside, there are a few minuses like the poor CG work in the double action scenes. The romance portion was also too usual and uninteresting, unlike other films of A.R.Murugadoss. Actor Neil Nitin Mukesh has not been utilized properly and also Jeevanantham’s character could have been given little more importance, other than flashback too. Also, few scenes that show the Corporate bosses like villains look exaggerated. POSITIVES: * Screenplay & Dialogues * Songs & Background Score * Cinematography * Stunt Sequences NEGATIVES: * Film’s length * Exaggerations on few facts on Corporates * Usual romance portions * CG work in double action scenes RATING: 3.75/5 VERDICT: Another all-class entertainer from A.R.Murugadoss-Vijay combo! Review by: Rahman ‘FOLLOW’ us at https://boxofficebossblog.wordpress.com to read more interesting articles on Tamil cinema, to read latest cinema information… Cinema fans do subscribe..!!


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