POOJAI – Movie Review

117.Poojai - Movie Review#POOJAI – Movie Review

After the success of THAMIRABHARANI in 2007, Actor Vishal announced in 2013 that he will be doing a film with director Hari again which will be produced by himself. The film’s title and first look posters were released in March 2014. Shruti Haasan, Sathyaraj, Raadhika Sarathkumar, ‘Parotta’ Soori and Mukesh Tiwari were finalized to be a part of the ensemble star cast. The shooting began in April 2014 and was completed in September 2014. Vishal’s last two films PANDIYANAADU and NAAN SIGAPPU MANITHAN were his own production and they were completely different from his usual style of films; he is now back to offer a mass masala entertainer. Will Vishal manage to give another Hit film in his production and HARI manage to deliver a success after SINGAM2? Read on, to know!

Vasu (Vishal) is a youngster from one of the most respected family in Pollachi. He stays away from his family due to few problems and takes care of his business in Coimbatore. How does Vasu manage to save his family from Annathaandavam (Mukesh Tiwari), the local goon head forms the crux of the story.

Director Hari is very well-known for giving racy entertainers with a good mixture of sentiment, action, love and comedy. He has attempted giving a FAMILY-ACTION entertainer like #THAMIRABHARANI, #THAMIZH, #VEL and it has resulted in a product that is equal to #ARUL, #VENGHAI. The first 30 minutes of the film has nothing so interesting, but still the first half is decently entertaining. The second half is where the director struggles a lot and the film is dragging towards the end; there are no enough twists and turns to make it more interesting. POOJAI has all the usual commercial elements as of a Hari film, but still the punch is not that strong as like in SINGAM or his other hit films. The action gets stereotyped after a point of time; but still, the film is worth a watch on the whole.

Vishal fits perfectly in the role of Vasu, and he has performed very well in both action scenes and emotional scenes; his efforts for the action sequences are to be appreciated. Shruthi comes in a very usual role that we are seeing for decades; it is her character in the movie which is continuously irritating right from the intro scene. Her characterization, dialogues, filmy expressions and the dubbing on the whole is totally annoying. Too-much glamourness in all the songs also looks so odd; her costumes in the foreign songs are just like a bar dancer! The same to be said for the initial item song performed by Andrea; the costume, dance movements and the song on the whole was just disgusting! ‘Parotta’ Soori and Imman annachi manages to make the audience laugh here and there. Mukesh Tiwari is perfect as the villain, despite his characterization was too weak. Radhika, Jayaprakash, Sathyaraj, Thalaivasal Vijay, Kausalya, Prathap Pothen, ‘Black’ Pandi, Manobala, Sithara and others have done a decent job as part of the supporting cast.

Technically, POOJAI is very average. The below average songs by Yuvan Shankar Raja does not help the film in anyway; the background score is also just average. Priyan’s cinematography and V.T.Vijayan’s editing has helped the film for its raciness, still the editor could have given more attention to the second half. The well-executed action blocks are another positive point. On flip side, there are some unwanted dramatic scenes like where Vasu advises the eloped love pair and lot other dramatism in love scenes in second half. Also, we cannot help ignoring the usual Hari film’s template starting from the Elder widow woman in the family, Hero’s strategic plans and so on. Another minus was that having the film’s story set in Coimbatore, not even a single character speaks in that regional accent including the lead characters; we see few characters speaking in Kovai Tamil very rarely!

RATING: 2.75/5

VERDICT: An average entertainer with Hari’s usual Family + Action commercial formula. Worth a watch!

Review by: Rahman

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