120.Naaigal Jaakirathai - Movie ReviewAfter #NAANAYAM, Sibiraj was on the lookout for a script for his next film. When nothing interesting turned up, Director Shakti S. Rajan who had earlier directed Sibiraj in Naanayam, came up with this script with a dog in the lead. The film was announced in July 2013. The film was titled ’NAAIGAL JAAKIRATHAI’ and Arundhati of ‘SUNDAATTAM’ fame was roped in to play the female lead role. The music is composed by Dharan Kumar, camera is handled by Nizar Shifi and editing by Praveen K L. Filming began on October 2013 and was completed by October 2014.

Karthik (Sibiraj), a sub-inspector from Coimbatore gets injured and loses his friend in a mission of rescuing a kidnapped girl. In the flowing days in his bed rest, Karthik’s neighbour’s dog Subramani becomes his best pal. How does Karthik manages to save himself and his family, when the kidnap gang tries to take a revenge on him; this forms the crux of the story.

Director Shakti Soundar Rajan has given an investigation thriller with a dog in the lead role, which is definitely worth-watching. The plot is well-set, but with a better execution the film would have been a great entertainer. The film starts with a very good introduction for the dog and Karthik with a rescue mission; also, how they both miss their loved ones and their discomfort for gun sound has been well-shown. The problem is that 70% of the first half is dealt with the scenes of Karthik and Subramani’s friendship and the training part alone. The story begins just 10 minutes before the interval and we are left with good expectations for the second half; however, the second half is also little sluggish with many logical lags. The director has made sure that things are neatly driven towards the end, with an interesting chase in climax.

There could have been a better detailing on Karthik and his wife’s relationship, which would have helped for the emotional scenes in the second half. Also, a few forced emotions did not work out well here and there. There are many interesting & enjoyable moments in the film, but there are some namesake additions (like the humour portions by Karthik’s friends) which does not add any value at all.

Idoh the dog has been the biggest plus of the movie, and it is him who makes the film completely watchable. Sibiraj makes a pretty decent comeback with a neat, subtled performance; but somewhere the manliness for a cop was missing in his body language in few scenes. Also, he needs to improve a lot in face expressions. Arundhathi has got a very small scope to perform and she has used it well. Balaji as the villain seems to be a good choice, except for few scenes where his acting resembled much of veteran actor Raghuvaran. Dharan’s songs and background has been the second hero of the film; Nizar Shifi’s cinematography and Praveen’s sleek editing has been of great contribution for the film.

RATING: 2.75/5

VERDICT: Worth a watch! The doggy saves the film.

Review by: Rahman

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