PISAASU – Movie Review

124.Pisaasu - Movie Review

After receiving positive reviews for #OnaayumAattukkuttiyum, Mysskin was signed up by director Bala to make a film under his production house ‘B Studios’. The project was announced in May 2014; Newcomers Naga and Prayaga Martin were cast in the principal roles. Naga had been selected by Bala, whom he had associated with as an assistant director for the director’s project #Tharai_Thappattai. Ravi Roy and newcomer Arrol Corelli joined the team as cinematographer  and music composer respectively. Does PISAASU manage to satisfy the general audience too? Will it be a hit at the Box Office? Read on, to know!

A woman is severely injured in a ‘hit and run’ accident and is rushed to the hospital by Siddarth (Naga). However, the woman breathes her last in the hospital while holding hands of Siddarth. Soon, Siddarth realises that the ghost of the woman is haunting his house. Why is she there? What does she want? The answers to these questions form the crux of the story.

Director Mysskin, one of those film directors who makes movies with utmost sincerity and no compromise in his vision is back with his 7th film. This is a genre that the director has never tried before (or) a genre that any of his fans would not have thought that he would try. ‘Pisaasu’ is a very different horror film that has no usual cliches (except the climax), with the trademark touches of ‪#‎Mysskin.

Mysskin impresses once again with his admirable style of narration; Starting from the way the film begins, the scenes in the haunted house, the investigation in the 2nd half and the pre-climax portions, it is just perfect. The debutant’s performances, the Background score, cinematography and editing are the biggest plus points of the movie. The length is another plus point of the film; the film is completely engaging all through the running time of 113 minutes. There are so many simple yet beautiful scenes and characterizations in the movie which make the film so special. The dialogues are neat and realistic; whether it is a simple conversation between Siddarth and his friends or his interaction with mom or the relatable names like ‘Mahesh Amma’ or the lines in the most emotional parts, the writing has been too good.

Even though the genre is horror, the film has very good humour, beautiful sentiments / emotions, an intense love and some action sequence too; none of them look forcibly added, instead very well woven into the story. The casting has been the backbone of the movie. Debutant Naga has done a brilliant job in the lead role; Prayaga impresses us with her presence in just 3, 4 scenes as the ghost. Senior actor Radha Ravi is seen in one of the milestone performances in his career; his acting in the scene at Naga’’s home and in the climax is highly commendable.

Music director Arrol Corelli and Cinematographer Ravi Roy are the second heroes of the movie who elevate the film to a different level. Arrol’s background score is fantastic and Ravi Roy’s camera work is what makes PISAASU more lively. There are very few things to complaint about PISAASU. On flip side, the most important phase of the film where Siddarth and Bhavani’s love is spoken about, could have been made better; we are not able to feel their emotions, especially towards the end. The climax was disappointing and was so usual; the final 3 to 5 minutes looked too clichéd. Also, we witness a lot of usual stuffs from Myskinn’s films like the blind beggars.

RATING: 3.75/5

VERDICT: Not one among those usual horror movies. PISAASU will leave you satisfied out of the cinema hall!

Review by: Rahman

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