With 4 Tamil films released for this Christmas, I do not want to post long reviews for every film and bore you. So, here is a compilation of the short reviews (than usual) of 3 films (VELLAIKARA DURAI review in weekend). Read & ‘SHARE’ with your friends! 🙂 125.Meaghamann - Kayal - Kappal  - Movie ReviewMEAGHAMANN After THADAIYARA THAKKA, Director Magizh Thirumeni has come up with a decent action film. #Meaghamann is a stylish, sleek entertainer that engages for the whole running time. The film which takes quite a long time to settle in first half with too many characters’ introduction, goes on a ride of many twists and turns. The interval block, the scene where #Jothi‘s gang meets #Raane and the climax will be enjoyed by action lovers. The mind games are interesting enough to glue you to your seats. The film will delight people who love slow paced intelligent action thrillers like #Vattaaram / #Thadaiyara_Thaakka; others who look for a masala package with comedy tracks might be little disappointed. Arya looks super cool and is so electrifying in the action blocks; but, his dialogue delivery alone is poor as usual. Starting from the first dialogue of the film ‘Vali kuduthavanukkue valiyai kodu’, every single dialogue has been mouthed with zero energy. The dialogues are simple and neat. Thaman’s BGM and Anal Arasu’s stunts has been the biggest plus points of the film. The film which has so many characters will need your utmost attention to be in sync with the narration. There are few scenes where the twists are predictable and the audience are ahead of the script, which is still enjoyable because of the execution. The biggest speed breaker of the film was the heroine character, who was just only a commercial demand; #Hansika appears in less than 5 to 6 scenes and helps the script in no way except for a small twist. It’s high time our directors and producers must opt to do films without a love track when there isn’t a need for one! With no such compromises, MEEGAMANN could have been one of the best entertainers of 2014! Rating – 3.25 / 5 Verdict – An intelligent action thriller that engages allthrough! ———————————————————————————————————– KAYAL After the back to back Super hit films MYNAA & KUMKI which were successful in all centres, Prabhu Solomon has given a very average love story, in his tested success formula of 50% love and 50% comedy. KAYAL is yet another love story with so much emotions woven in it. The love scenes are much repetitive of #Mynaa and #Kumki, but is too shallow unlike those films. The film starts perfectly, goes on right pace till interval; with a wandering screenplay in second half, the film fails to live up to the expectations. The first half is fairly entertaining, whereas the second half moves without any motive and dragging mostly. Few cliched characters and age-old emotions have not worked at all. There are scenes where the audience need to feel the pain of Aaron and Kayal, but those scenes just passes by leaving no impact which has been the biggest minus of KAYAL. 70% of the scenes in 2nd half are weak in writing; the song placements has also been bad, those songs does not make any difference in the script at all. Even though her first release was #Poriyaalan, this is #Anandhi‘s debut film and she has been the show stealer of KAYAL! She has got a great future in Tamil cinema alike Solomon’s previous debuts like Amala Paul and Lakshmi Menon. The humour in 1st half, the lead actors’ performances and D.Imman’s BGM are the plus points of KAYAL. As usual, the director has put in a lot of efforts to bring in some unseen locations and exciting visuals. Prabhu Solomon must be appreciated for woving in real incidents like the recent love marriage-caste issue in Tamil nadu; the CG work regarding Tsunami has been executed in the finest way possible. Rating – 2.75 / 5 Verdict – An average product from Prabhu Solomon, which is too shallow in emotions! ———————————————————————————————————– KAPPAL Director Karthik G Krish who had assisted Director Shankar, approached Jai & Sivakarthikeyan for his first film which then moved to Vaibhav due to unavailability of dates. #Kappal is all about 4 friends who would go to any extent to stop their friend from falling in love, since they feel that LOVE will not let them be intimate as always. Kappal is a perfect youth-targeted entertainer. Forget the story and other logic stuffs, the film will have you charged amidst your daily tensions. There is nothing new as per the script or there is no novel attempt, but the film is completely fun-packed worth tour time and money. Starting from the title card till the end credits which ends with the bloopers, the film is madly funny. I would say that I did not see any film in recent time, where the whole theater bursts out in laughter for every 2 to 3 minutes. #Vaibhav has been a perfect choice for the lead role; he perfectly carries the film. His expressions and dialogue delivery are much enjoyable. The comedy combo of VTV Ganesh, Karunakaran, Venkat Sundar and Arjunan has just rocked. Natarajan Sankaran’s music has been one of the commendable contribution. The director could have given more attention to the pre-climax portions which was so sluggish, especially in the break-up part. The popular ‘Ooru Vittu Ooru Vandhu’ song also looked forcibly added. #KAPPAL is worth a watch for sure! It could be a recommendable choice for the weekend with friends; except for a few adult comedy, family will also enjoy this urban-centric rom-com! Rating – 3 / 5 Verdict – Fun-filled entertainer that is worth your time and money! ———————————————————————————————————– Review by: Rahman ‘FOLLOW’ us at to read more interesting articles on Tamil cinema, to read latest cinema information… Cinema fans do subscribe..!!


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