PK – Movie Review

Aamir Khan and Anushka Sharma in PK Movie Posters

Watched #PK last weekend, but was not able to post the review due to other priorities. Here is my micro-review on the film.

As like everyone who is celebrating the film in the social sites and the film industry celebrities going crazy over the film, I too liked the film very much. Of course, it is not the best written work of Rajkumar Hirani; but for sure, a must-watch film for everyone! 🙂

Hirani who is well known for his wise humour and sentiments close to our heart that we saw in his previous films like ‘ALL IS WELL’, ‘Kattipudi Vaithiyam’, etc., has lot such stuffs in PK too. The concept of seeing the earth from an alien’s view and questioning things is novel and the way it has been executed is laudable. Few things what I enjoyed most were the concept of Dancing cars, the scene where PK speaks on the value of Gandhiji’s pictures and the questions / dialogues like ‘Is the god equally efficient despite their size’, ‘You make GOD or he made you’, ‘Why do you call all your everyone and announce I AM HAVING SEX TODAY’ and ‘Stop protecting God’; the song lyrics were also tood good, especially the lines like ‘Like millions, I submit to you with doubt God’. Rajkumar Hirani offers solid quality entertainment for his audience and gives them a lot of sensible questions to take home.

You cannot think of this movie without Aamir Khan. His dialogue delivery and expressions in every single scene is fantabulous. He is the show-stealer and you would not hesitate to watch the film once again for his performance alone! PK is not a flawless film, it has some minuses indeed. The pre-climax portions looked a little abrupt and ‘Love is a waste of time’ song disturbed the story’s flow. But, none of these stops you from watching this ‘out of the box’ entertainer which will be double worth the time and money spent!

P.S: The film is screened with English subtitles in 80% of the theatres in Chennai; check that before if you book your tickets. 🙂


VERDICT: Another MUST-WATCH film from the most celebrated combo of Aamir and Hirani!

Review by: Rahman

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