126.Vellaikaara Durai - Movie ReviewDirector Ezhil who has directed some decent romantic entertainers with Big stars like Vijay, Ajith and ‘Jayam’ Ravi changed his style of films from ‘Manam Koththi Paravi’ in 2012. After the success of ‘Desingu Raja’ last year, he seems to have delighted in making same type of films.

‘Vellaikaara Durai’ is such another ‘run of the mill’ entertainer, with just a change in the film’s title and the lead pair. Everything in the film is so templated and is just for ‘name-sake’ in most places. The film evokes laughter here and there, and there is not too many boring scenes; but still, you cannot stop yourself from looking at your watch often.

‘Parotta’ Soori is the saviour of the film, who saves ‘Vellaikaara Durai’ from becoming a disaster; with no doubt, he has become the ‘Junior Vaigai Puyal’ for producers & directors these days. He is improving a lot on his dialogue delivery, body language with expressions borrowed from Vadivelu. Sri Divya looks angelic and she has done her part best in the role of a usual Tamil cinema heroine in a comedy film. Vikram Prabhu is unfortunately the biggest minus point of the film; he fails badly in the comedy scenes and is so poor in timing; in fact, every scene where he appears without the comedians are the dull moments in the film.

The film heavily relies on Soori’s comedy alone and the scenes in the second half are exactly same as ‘Manam Koththi Paravai’ giving us a DEJA VU feel. Over a point of time, where the film moves pointlessly with the introduction of a character called Baludass, a dream song, an insane twist of Terrorist in the home and the bomb idea to stop the marriage, all that the audience can do is YAAAWNING!

‘Vellaikaara Durai’ is an evident attempt that shows the mindset of few of our filmmakers, that our audience will accept anything that is given to them with a label of ‘Comedy Entertainer’! It is a film targeted at the audience of B & C centre, which might fairly work for them.


VERDICT: ‘Run of the mill’ entertainer that is partly enjoyable!

Review by: Rahman

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