#Aambala – Movie Review

129.Aambala - Movie ReviewAfter doing MADHA GAJA RAJA with Director Sundar.C in 2012 (which did not release due to GEMINI FILM CIRCUIT’s financial problems), Vishal has joined hands with him again with a great hope that he will deliver a sure-shot minimum guarantee hit. The film was started in September 2014 and was wrapped up in a very short period of time. Even before any other film confirmed their presence on the Pongal race, VISHAL FILM FACTORY confirmed AAMBALA’s release and it never changed even when there were many changes in the Pongal race movies. The film marks the debut of ‘Hip Hop Thamizha’ Aadhi as a music director. Has Sundar.C succeeded in giving an entertainer for his fans?

#AAMBALA is all about Saravanan (Vishal) who tries to re-unite his father (Prabhu) with his family of 3 sisters and convincing them for giving their daughters for marriage with him and his 2 brothers (Vaibhav and Sathish). Saravanan has to help his aunts fight their political enemies to win their hearts. How does he do that? The answers form the crux of the film.

Director Sundar.C is best at offering full-length comedy films and romantic entertainers. But, when it comes to action entertainers, most of his films have been below average (except GIRI which was enjoyable despite being very usual). 90% of Sundar.C’s films rely heavily on glamour and comedy; that is the same with Aambala too, but the film engages very rarely. Over a point of time, we are left with no option than looking at our watch and yawning.

Calling the story and scenes of this film as ‘age-old’, will be highly an understatement. The film is a cocktail of many hit films, with scenes in 2nd half mostly borrowed from Vijay’s #Sivakasi. The film moves pointless most time with full of gap-filling scenes and songs. We see flashbacks, sentiments and emotions suddenly, which leaves zero impact. The song on family relationship and the dialogues on them gives us only a serial feel. The film has so-called twists which we can predict in first scene itself; will any audience be so dumb to give them a twist on who actually killed Prabhu’s father.

Vishal does his best in dance and stunt sequences; but the film being so routine, he reminds us only of his below average films which he did few years back. 2 songs by ‘Hip Hop Thamizha’ are average and there are 4 other below average songs (in all the songs, the music overlaps the lyrics) which are placed badly. The only relief in the film is Santhanam and Sathish, who makes us laugh with good punchlines. Also, there are few comedies in the film which are so insane such as the final scenes between Kiran & Santhanam and some other scenes like Vishal finding that Vaibhav is his brother by his style of mixing while having drinks. The sets in the film are so poor; the interior portion of the house looked like it was just meant to be used for the final song alone.

The film could be a bearable watch for people who like mindless entertainers (for Santhanam & Sathish’s comedy which is the only relief); there are also chances that the film might be a minimum guarantee hit in C centre, since the film is made in a small budget only. But, however I wouldn’t suggest it or recommend it to anyone personally; felt like leaving the theater even before the film ends (after Oru Oorla Rendu Raja in recent time).

RATING: 2.25/5
(This 2.25 stars is only for Santhanam & Sathish and nothing else)

VERDICT: A below average routine masala entertainer.

Review by: Rahman

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