#Darling – Movie Review

130.Darling - Movie Review#PremaKathaChitram is a Blockbuster horror comedy film in Telugu; it was made in a small budget and it collected 6 times the investment in one week itself. The film’s remake has been directed by debutant Sam Anton and produced by Allu Aravind and K. E. Gnanavel Raja. G.V.Prakash has acted in the lead role and also composed music for the film. Is the film a good entertainer as like the Original version? Read on, to know!

STORY: ‘Darling’ revolves around four youngsters who decide to kill themselves because of their failure in their respective lives. They come together to die in a farm house, where they encounter a ghost. What happens following this, what they experience at this time and how they deal with it forms the rest of the movie.

Remake is not an easy job at all; that too, when it is a comedy film that was already a blockbuster. Director Sam Anton has rightly identified the minuses in the Telugu version and made some minor changes that is significantly impacting. He has removed a song and some uninteresting scene in 2nd half from the original version; instead, he has added few interesting comedy elements like #GhostGopalVarma. The climax has also been changed, which is good comparatively. Sam Anton has got good timing sense and he has used few popular punches like ‘Yennammaa ippadi panreengaleyma’, ‘Mersalaayitten’, ‘Ennai mannichidunga, Gopal…’ and few others relevantly, which adds more fun. Despite the fact the original version was even more perfect, the director has made sure that he has made some betterment from his end and add his flavour wherever he can.

The film has a great entertainment quotient and the whole theater bursts out in laughter for Karunas-Bala combo’s comedy in every scene. Bala Saravanan and Karunas are the real heroes of the film! Bala Saravanan excels in his own punches and dialogue delivery by every film; he is seen in a much notable role after ‘Pannaiyarum Padminiyum’ in 2014. Karunas in the character of ‘Adhisaya Raj’ has given one of the best, funniest performance in his career; his body language and dialogue delivery through-out the film is so enjoyable, particularly in few scenes like where he speaks to god before wishing to die and the scenes where he encounters the ghost. Nikki Galrani does not look like it is her first Tamil film. She has performed effortlessly and has done the possible justice from her end; her lip sync is also perfect in most scenes. ‘Naan Kadavul’ Rajendran as ‘Ghost Gopal Varma’ wins a lot of whistles and applauds for the few minutes he appears on screen.

The biggest minus of the film is the choice of lead actor. G.V.Prakash Kumar does not look apt / matured for this script/role; he over-reacts even in ordinary scenes, but under-performs where needed. For such a film where the lead actor needs to emote a lot and make the audience laugh by his serious acts / expressions; a debutante like him was not able to deliver what was needed exactly. Literally, I was not able to differentiate between his reactions of fear, anxiety and sadness; it all looked alike. While watching the original version, I was laughing like hell in scenes where the hero is afraid of the ghost; but, here the lead actor’s performance irritates only at most places.

Technically, Darling is strong. Songs in G.V.Prakash’s music are good and the background score was another plus point. Krishnan Vasant and Ruben were the second heroes of the film; their contribution together in cinematography and editing has made DARLING even better.


VERDICT: Definitely, worth a watch for its humour content!

Review by: Rahman

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