@ANEGAN – Movie Review

5DBWjJ1423848208Despite receiving mixed reviews among the audience, K.V.Anand’s last movie #MAATRAAN made a decent run and had positive reviews from critics. In May 2013, he confirmed that his next film will be with Dhanush in the lead, which will be produced by AGS Entertainment again. The film’s principal photography began on 2nd September 2013 and was completed exactly after a year in September 2014 (Dhanush was acting in VIP and SHAMITABH paralelly). The film’s trailer was promising and the songs has great response from the audience, where DANGA MAARI has become one of the most viral hits in recent time. Distributors have shown great interest on ANEGAN, due to the humongous hit of Dhanush’s previous release VELAIYILLA PATTADHARI. Also, Producer Kalpathi S. Aghoram has great hopes on the film since he did not see anything except a long series of FLOPs and below average grossers at Box office in the past 5 years like #Bale_Pandiya #Engeyum_Kaadhal #Avan_Ivan #Vellore_Maavattam #Naveena_Saraswathi_Sabatham #Tenaliraman #Irumbu_Kuthirai (Except MAATTRAAN and YUDHDHAM SEI, no other films managed to make decent collections in the recent years for him). Will ANEGAN be a saviour for AGS Entertainment and a comeback film for K.V.Anand after MAATRAAN which did not meet the expectations of a set of audiences? Read on, to know!

As shown in the film’s trailer, ANEGAN is a thriller that deals with the lead pair’s love and their villains in different time-periods (reincarnation). The film revolves around the lead pair (Dhanush and Amyra), their love in different births as Murugappan – Samudra, Kaali – Kalyani and Ashwin – Madhumathi.

K.V.Anand has strike back with a psychological thriller, that has a fresh plot based on the concept of reincarnation. Having chosen such an interesting plot with 3 love stories in 3 different time-period, K.V.Anand has made it look even more interesting by choosing different premises which has given the actors a lot more scope to perform too. He has added a few more detailing based on the time-period such as the military dictatorship in Burma since March 1962, and also some minute things like the attempt to attack former PM Rajiv Gandhi in the 1980s and the sales of televisions in Black market; also, the director has made use of the facts of today’s generation in the possible commercial ways.

The film starts in a perfect pace with the best love story (out of the 3 stories) in the film and begins to drag mildly when the current story starts and we go through a couple of songs. This continues until we see an unexpected death in the pre-interval portion and the tension elevates with an interesting interval block. The second half is quite engaging with Kali’s story which has continuous whistle and clap moments for the MASS liking audience; though the film had  a climax which was too usual. We do have a lot of questions on logic, which the director answers one by one taking us towards the climax. Few of them goes unanswered, but still you would not complaint on that; thanks to the fast paced second half and the editor. The film does not have too many twists or turns, but has got a few twists that are really surprising; K.V.Anand leaves you making guesses till the end. Even though the film is not an edge of a seat thriller, K.V.Anand has made sure that the audience are entertained with no boredom moments for the whole running time. 2 out of the 3 love stories (the 1962 BURMA story and 1980s VYASARPADI story) are really good; whereas the problem is only with the happening story which has got nothing new or engaging except the lead pair’s chemistry.

Dhanush – this man is becoming charming and more handsome film by film; he is so lovable and cool in the portions of Ahswin. His performance is the USP of the film and he has done a terrific job in all the roles he has taken. He scores high effortlessly in the role of Kaali in 2nd half with commendable dialogue delivery. Debutant Amyra is seen in a role that has more importance than Dhanush’s role in the film; she has given her best except for a few lip-sync misses. Karthik has delivered a comeback performance which will be loved by his admirers, especially towards the end. All other supporting actors including Mukesh Tiwari, Ashish Vidyarthi, Aishwarya Devan and Thalaivasal Vijay has done their part well.

Technically, ANEGAN is good. Om Prakash’s cinematography is one of the biggest plus points of the film, which has given the film a totally different colour. All the 6 songs in Harris Jayaraj’s music are good; however, the background score was average in many scenes (especially, in the climax fight sequence where it was too loud). Anthony’s editing is another savior of ANEGAN! The technical team could have taken a lot more attention in the CG works of ‘Roja Kadale’ song which was so poor.

On the whole, one does feel that a director like K.V.Anand could have done a lot more magic with such a fresh plot; still, he has managed to give a decent entertainer as an end product despite few minuses.

Verdict: An interesting psychological thriller! A recommendable one-time watch.

Review by: Rahman

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