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135.Kaaki Sattai Review-
After the success of Ethir Neechal in 2013, the team of that film including producer Dhanush, director Senthilkumar, music composer Anirudh Ravichander and actor Sivakarthikeyan announced that they would collaborate again for another venture. The film was initially titled #Taana, but was changed to Kaaki Sattai later. The shooting commenced in March 2014 and was wrapped up in October 2014. Songs in Anirudh’s music are already HIT. The film has got a massive release over in 800+ screens worldwide. Will the film be another SUPER HIT for the WUNDERBAR team? Read on, to know!

Mathimaaran (Sivakarthikeyan) is a police constable who is bored of his routine, uninteresting job. He is not able to do his job honestly or there is no challenges that a cop can look for. Eventually, things change and Mathimaaran is challenged to follow a case of Organ Trafficking. With very less resources provided and support received from his department, does he able to succeed in his mission? This forms the crux of the story.

After doing a series of comedy scripts and light hearted entertainers, Siva Karthikeyan has tried ACTION first time in his career. That too, sporting a cop role is a dream for any star; it’s Two mangoes in a single hit for him. Of course, it is a great leap in his career and he has done it so well. Siva excels in dance movements, timing dialogues, mimicry as usual – the audience are enjoying to every single dialogue and movement of him; his energetic screen presence is a very big plus point for the film. Adding to it, the stunt sequences have come out so well, especially the interval fight scene.

Director Durai Senthil Kumar has focused more on utilizing Siva’s presence and skills than the script. He seems to have done it purposefully to give a HIT, targeting at the fan base (family audience) of Siva by offering a simple entertainer with an usual, tested commercial formula. But, that has sadly lead to Siva giving his best and Durai Senthil Kumar just giving less than half of what he could. The story begins in the second half only, however the first half is crisper and engaging. But, even with some interesting moments, the second half looks so long and dragging; the second half could have been much more tighter. No questions on logic please, the film has some scenes that are so conveniently written. Despite being picturised so well and colourfully, most of the songs have been speed breakers only. However, the Director deserves a handshake for making a commercial action thriller with no glamour, double meaning dialogues or vulgarity.

The two major problems with KAAKI SATTAI are that the film is more of Siva Karthikeyan dependent than script depending and that the film has too much of extended comedy portions than needed, which ultimately spoils the serious mood of the film. With too much of comedy even in some important sequences and twists (even the intro scene of the hero), we are pushed not to react even for some of the pivotal scenes in the second half. The second half could have been handled much more seriously, especially in the scenes after Manobala’s entry (We are not able enjoy the Mahadevaki mimicking at such a point of time).

Talking about the plus points, Siva’s performance, Anirudh’s music, Imman annachi’s comedy and Sugumar’s cinematography has been the saviours of the film. Coming to performance, Siva has done full justice in the role of a honest cop. Sri Divya comes in a routine Tamil cinema heroine role, thankfully the romance portions are not that boring. Prabhu is seen in a very small yet majestic role. Imaan annachi has utilized the most of the role that has been given to him, making the audience laugh in most of the scenes he appear. Vijay raaz is under-utilized as an ordinary North Indian villain. Technically, KAAKI SATTAI is sharp. Sukumar’s cinematography has been a very big plus point; the frames and the total presentation is so cool. Anirudh has not given his best in the background score, but still he does not fail to do some magic here and there.

Verdict – Worth your penny! Definitely, an one-time watch.

Review by: Rahman

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