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136.ENAKKUL ORUVAN - Movie ReviewThe much awaited ‘Enakkul Oruvan’ starring Siddarth has released this Friday. With the most promising ‘Thirukumaran Entertainment’ brand and a very strong technical team, the expectations are very high for this film. The film is a remake of the Kannada blockbuster and trend-setting movie ‘LUCIA’. For people who do not know about LUCIA movie, it is a psychological thriller released in 2013 that was made in a very low budget of 70 lakhs mainly from ‘Crowd-Funding’. The film was much praised for its making, screenplay & narration techniques, technical excellence and innovations in various aspects; even Bollywood celebrities like Irrfan Khan and Anurag Kashyap praised the film so much. The trailer and songs of ‘Enakkul Oruvan’ has increased the expectations of the audience. So, where does the film stand in comparison with the original and is it likeable as an entertainer? Read on to know!

Vicky (Siddharth) is a theatre employee (an usher), who suffers from terrible insomnia. A drug dealer introduces the LUCIA pills to him which he says that can help him live another life in his sleep; a life that he is dreaming / he wants to live. Vicky starts consuming the pills and he is living as Vignesh, a top cinema star in his dreams. He gets all that he wants in his dream and is addicted to the pills. What happens when the dreams meet the reality, forms the crux of the story.

‪#‎Thirukumaran_Entertainment’s new venture – remake of the flawless ‪#‎LUCIA sticks most to the original version; but still, the weak execution (in few ways) has made an extraordinary movie into an ordinary commercial film. In other words, it is a brilliant masterpiece reduced to an above average mainstream cinema! Of course, it is definitely a great risk in remaking a film that is already so perfect and it is not easy recreating the magic exactly. But still, with some conveniently filmed scenes, the film is nowhere near the original version. With so much mainstream / commercial flavour and a few unrealistic additions / changes, the originality or the uniqueness of LUCIA has been definitely killed to an extent. Also, the richness in the original version which was made in less than a total budget of 75 lakhs, is missing here with a very higher budget because of the usual locations and very usual / known faces seen everywhere. With no doubt, people who had watched the original version will miss that sort of technical excellence in some pivotal scenes and the theater environment has not been much utilized in the ‘talkies’ portion. Pawan Kumar, the director LUCIA took a lot of efforts to show variations between the characters in two worlds of ‘Reality’ & ‘Dream’ by changes in get-up, voice modulation, etc., but, here in the Tamil version, the team seems to have avoided it so conveniently.

Ok, Enough of boring you with the comparisons on the original version. ‘ENAKKUL ORUVAN’ is an engaging entertainer; and for people who have not watched the original version, it will be a delighting movie experience exceeding the expectations. It is actually a ‘MUST WATCH’ for people missed watching LUCIA. Debut Director Prasath Ramar has tried his best to give a film that is as good and perfect as the original; the end product is reasonably successful.

Coming to performance, it is Siddarth’s show all the way! Even though there is no need for showing the protagonist with such a dark make-up unlike the original version (only to remove the heroic look of Siddarth), Siddarth has shown great variation between the two contrasting roles. He does the role of a star effortlessly and scores high in the role of torch lighter with his dialogue modulation and body language. ‘Aadukalam’ Naren is another brilliant actor in the film who has done an impressive job; but, the importance for his role has been considerably reduced or limited for no reason, comparing with the original version. Debutant Deepa Sannidhi gives a convincing performance allthrough. All other supporting artists have done a decent job. John Vijay’s performance with feminic touch in the initial scenes was literally annoying. On casting part, the usage of too much of known faces like Ajay Rathnam, John Vijay and Yog Japee makes the film lack the freshness which LUCIA possessed; especially, people like Ramadoss (who was seen as Muneeskanth in MUNDAASUPATTI) and many others who are seen in every other ‘C.V.Kumar Production’ could have been avoided. Also, a fresh / unseen face for the CBI role would have made it much more interesting.

Technically, ENAKKUL ORUVAN is strong! As like always, Santhosh Narayanan has given 5 refreshing songs that add great value to the film; the background score is haunting too. Gopi Amarnath’s cinematography is a diamond in the film’s crown, helping the film a lot in both the dream and reality portions. Editor Leo John Paul’s part in the film is most challenging; but still people who watched the original would love to see more magic added on his part with so many innovative cuts as reference present in LUCIA already.

On flip side, the investigation scenes which was supposed to be nail-biting / most interesting has been the curse of the film; the most boring portion. The slow pace of the film tests the audience’s patience over a point of time. Also, the detailing on Lucia pills and Lucid dreaming looked inadequate. Even people who have not watched the original version will have dissatisfaction over the film’s flow and the hurriness seen all through the film (a good example is where Vignesh saves Durai Anna from kidnappers and brings him to his home, the scene where he comes to his heroine’s home and many more); may be because of the production company’s hurriness in not missing the schedules!? There is an important loophole in the film in the investigation portion, which may let the audience guess the climax twist (if watched so attentively) – I believe the team would have come across it while writing or filming; not sure if the team has ignored it or decided to go with it!

VERDICT: Overall, ENAKKUL ORUVAN is an out of the box entertainer that could have been a lot better having such a strong script in hand. Despite all the pluses and minuses, it is a ‘MUST WATCH’ movie if you have not watched LUCIA yet!

Review by: Rahman

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