137.RAJATHANTHIRAM - Movie Review#Rajathandhiram is a heist film directed by debutant A.G.Amid (popular film composer GHIBRAN’s brother); the film is jointly produced by Sunland Cinemas, White Bucket Productions and Gautham Vasudev Menon. The film features ‘Nadunisi Naaigal’ Veera and Regina Cassandra in the lead roles; Sandeep Chowta has composed the film’s background score and G.V.Prakash Kumar has composed the promo song. Rajathandhiram’s team began its promotion in December 2014 in a very unique manner. The posters and teasers, each of them introducing a character from the film, were launched by several celebrities via their own Twitter handles. While Samantha Ruth Prabhu and Silambarasan introduced the lead characters, Venkat Prabhu, Premgi Amaren, Kreshna and Kushboo launched teasers featuring the supporting characters. Fox Star Studios has acquired the distribution rights of the film; the satellite rights of the film were sold to STAR Vijay. The film’s trailer was quite impressive and the film has been released with very less publicity. The press show has already garnered too many positive reviews. Has debutant Amid delievered a good entertainer? Read on, to know!

Three friends Arjun (Veera), Deva (Ajai Prasath) and Austin D’Costa (Darbuka Shiva) are small time thieves who does cheatings / fraudulent acts for their daily bread and butter. What happens when they are forced to do a very big, risky heist job that could land them in a lifetime jail sentence? The answer forms crux of the script.

Of course, RAJATHANDHIRAM’s story and the three petty thieves’ challenge of robbing a jewel shop is not a novel story; it starts with a very clichéd dialogue that we would have heard a 100 times at-least ‘Yethaavathu perusaa adichittu, life la settle aayidanum’. But, the director has presented the film so refreshingly with an interesting screenplay and treatment; the execution is so perfect all-through. The film has all honest efforts to give an entertaining product; that is what a movie goer wants, right? Kudos to debutant Amid and team!

The biggest plus of Rajathanthiram is its interesting screenplay, extra-ordinary casting and the technical finesse. The film is wholly engaging except one or two scenes in the first half. The director throws a number of nail-biting scenes here and there; especially the scene where Arjun and team robs a bag in the hotel and a few scenes in the second half. As the story begins to unfold, the film takes a ride of twists and turns. When the film reaches the mid-second half, we have a lot of questions in the mind for which the director does not give any time to think at all; we also have a very interesting climax! The detailing on each and every character is another biggest plus, which makes them more credible and real. The very small romance portion is also not filmy, but matured enough. The dark humour content and the comedy all-through the film even in most serious scenes is laudable, which will contribute a lot for the film’s success.

Coming to performance, each and every actor has been a perfect choice. Staring from Veera till an Inspector who appears for a couple of minutes, everyone’s performance is so appealing. Veera proves his potential as a capable actor, pulling off the role of a petty thief (who has his own morales) with so much of ease. The show-stealer is Darbuka Siva (as Kullan / Austin D’Costa) who takes care of the relief portions in the film, making the audience laugh for every few minutes effortlessly; his one-liners and performance might take you to theatres second time too. Ajai Prasath as the third member in the team has done a decent job. Regina Cassandra looks so pretty and also delivers a neat performance. Seasoned actors Naren and Ilavarasu proves their expertise, in the very small roles given to them. Other than all these actors mentioned here, the one who impressed me the most and indeed the best actor in the film was Producer ‘Pattiyal’ Shekar (Director Vishnuvardhan’s father)! His performance as Kanchi Azhagappa was outstanding. His body language, unique voice and dubbing, the expressions and the cunning looks were like he has already done some 50 films as a character artist. For sure, we can expect to see him in a number of upcoming films soon!

The film has been made in a budget of less than 2 crores with very few resources available and most of indoor scenes and night effect scenes; but the film looks so rich and colourful. Thanks to the film’s technical finesse. S.R.Kathir’s cinematography, Praveen Antony’s cuts, the sound design team and art direction team’s work and dedication is so evident and it takes the film to a greater height. On the flip side, the song in the first half (the only song in the film) looks completely unwanted; this could have been avoided, but still Regina Cassandra being the only big star in the film – the director’s compromise on this is understandable. Few logics in the long scene of jewel shop burglary looks convenient to an extent, which could have been tightened a little more.

VERDICT: Overall, Rajathanthiram is a well-made con movie. Extra-ordinary casting, Technical finesse and Interesting Screenplay makes it SPECIAL!

Review by: Rahman

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