@KALLAPPADAM – Movie Review

138.KALLAPPADAM - Movie ReviewDebut director Vadivel (a former associate of director Mysskin and has previously worked on Nandalala, Yuddham Sei, and Mugamoodi) has made a meta-film which has the four lead technicians of the film (director, editor, cinematographer and music director) playing the lead roles; this is the first film ever to have such an uniqueness. Cinematographer S.Sriirama Santosh, was a former assistant to cinematographer P.C.Sreeram. Music is composed by K and the editor of the film is Gaugin, who had previously worked with director Mysskin for Yuddham Sei and Mugamoodi. Has debutant Vadivel delievered a good entertainer? Read on, to know!

#Kallappadam is the story of an aspiring filmmaker who wants to film a good, non-commercial script which is been continuously rejected by a number of filmmakers. He stays with his friends who wants to succeed as a cinematographer, editor and music composer. After facing a lot of rejections, the team decides to choose an unrightful path to make fund for their project. What happens then forms the crux of the story.

Director Vadivel has made an impressive debut; he has been very clear in what is needed for his script. There are flaws, there are compromises; but still, the film stands unique with a lot of refreshing ideas, interesting characters and an impressive writing. The film speaks about the plight of film aspirants, the status of filmmakers and producers in today’s industry. But, nothing has been told preachy or so moody; instead, in a lighthearted manner. The film carries a lot of positivity.

The film takes quite a lot of time to settle down after the lead characters’ introduction and showing their problem; actually, the film takes off only after the lead characters start planning for the AUGUST 15th shooting. The second half which has most of the thrill portions are gripping. The director has given every characters some interesting habit / backstory – ‘Pidichadhu eduthen thappaa’ K, the ‘Thiyagaraaja Bhagadgavar’ fan Naren and so on (though not using them much). The characterization of Lakshmi Priya and Senthil are great! The humour content all through till the end (even in the blood test report in climax) is enjoyable. The director deserves a special applause for not adding any unwanted romance track; the Kuthu song was the only unwanted commercial compromise which was not needed at all; it was not likeable too.

Coming to performance, what Vadivel has tried as an experiment and uniqueness has turned as a minus to an extent. The lead actor’s performance looks convincing at few places, whereas their nervousness and amateur performance spoils the show in some pivotal scenes. Meanwhile, there are also some show-stealing performances in the film. ‘Aadukalam’ Naren in the role of a greedy producer, Senthil in a cameo role of a failed filmmaker and Lakshmi Priya in the role of an unfamous actress have delivered great performances. Singam Puli provides the much needed relief all through the film; his flashback where he describes his story of trying to become an assistant director since the period of Bharathi Raja evokes laughter.

On technical stand, the film has everything convincingly made except the fact that the low budget shows in some frames. K has done a great job in background scoring. The whole team’s efforts in making the film look rich with the available resources is evidently seen; the art direction team deserves a special mention!

Despite the slow paced screenplay, logical lags and few minuses in the casting and execution, the film is engaging for the whole running time of 2 hours and 10 minutes. Worth the money and time spent!

VERDICT: A meta-film with a novel concept and brilliant ideas. Worth the money and time spent!

P.S: KALLAPPADAM might not be a great film, but definitely an entertainer that is worth a watch. Sadly, I watched this film today with less than 30 people in DEVI PARADISE (which has 900+ seats). The fate of low budget films which fails to get the visibility among the giant releases needs to change somehow… :/

Review by: Rahman

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