@100DAYSOFLOVE – Movie Review

139.100 Days Of Love - Movie Review‘100 Days of Love’ is a romantic comedy film written and directed by Jenuse Mohamed, son of veteran Malayalam film director Kamal. The film stars Dulquer Salmaan and Nithya Menen in the lead roles. The film revolves around Balan K. Nair (Dulquer Salman), who calls himself BKN, a columnist in a famous daily based in Bangalore. He meets Sheela (Nithya Menon), who is enjoying life after her studies. The friendship between BKN and Sheela gradually turns to love. The events that follow form the rest of the story of #100DaysOfLove.

In those long list of film genres, ‘Romantic Comedy’ could be one of the most likeable ones; however, it is the most boring genre in cases of uninteresting subjects. Making an interesting ROM-COM film is not easy definitely! With only a handful of characters given, not too many twists & turns and the scenes moving with a lot of conversations… the directors will have a great difficulty building a realistic world with interesting characters, in a mission of making you feel a part of their world and to make you love their characters. That too, being the son of a filmmaker who has delivered a number of great entertainers, Jenuse Mohamed has started with a lot of expectations on him.

It is not an exaggeration if I say that Jenuse has given of the cutest loves stories in Malayalam industry, with a lovable lead pair. The film takes a lot of time to settle down with some overdoes of comedy, a misplaced song and a very slow paced screenplay in the first half; we have an interesting and funny twist in the interval. The second half is where the writer / director scores his maximum, with a lot of high moments (Many scenes in the second half reminds the Telugu Super Hit film ‘Chiru Navvuto’ coincidentally). The film kickstarts as an ordinary love story with a ‘Love at first sight’ sequence and goes on with a  story line, but Jenuse wins in the screenplay & treatment. Each and every character’s presence in the film has been justified in the second half. The incredibly cute on-screen chemistry of the lead pair, stunning cinematography, the dialogues and music are the biggest plus points.

Coming to performance, the lead pair’s presence and their chemistry is the film’s primary speciality. Calling Dulquer Salmaan’s looks and performance in this film as ‘Heart-throbbing’ would be an understatement! He pulls off things so easily; this kind of roles are a cake walk for him. Nithya Menon is astonishingly beautiful in the role of Sheela; she has given a subtle yet sound performance once again. Sekhar Menon as Ummar appears in a character that will remind you of one of your best friends for sure; his innocent acting and expressions has made the role more memorable! Other supporting actors including Rahul Madhav, Vineeth and Aju Varghese have done a decent job.

On technical stand, the film’s team work is evidently seen. The songs and background score by Govind Menon and Bijibal are commendably good (though some misplaced songs acts as minus). Pratheesh Varma’s stunning work in cinematography, Sandeep Kumar’s sleek cuts and transitions and the Art department’s contribution is what makes the film look so high in standards.

VERDICT: A fascinating rom-com movie! Feel good, light-hearted and refreshing. Highly recommendable for ROM-COM lovers!

Review by: Rahman

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