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140.VALIYAVAN - Movie Review
In February 2014, A.R.Murugadoss announced that he was set to produce a venture to be directed by M.Saravanan which would feature Jai in the leading role, with the trio collaborating again after the success of ENGEYUM EPPOTHUM in 2011. However, the film was later announced to be produced by SK Studios instead. Andrea Jeremiah was selected to play the film’s lead actress and filming began in April 2014. After directing the average action thriller IVAN VERA MATHIRI which did not do well in the box office, Saravanan is looking for HIT. After a series of flop movies (NAVEENA SARASWATHI SABATHAM, VADACURRY and THIRUMANAM ENNUM NIKKAH), Jai is also looking for a hit desperately. So, how is the film? Read on, to know!

Vinod (Jai) leads a normal life, working as a Marketing exexcutive in a mall in Chennai. He falls in love with Subhiksha (Andrea Jeremiah). Subhiksha does not accepts his proposal; when Vinod hardly tries to impress her, she comes with a condition to do something. Does Vinod do that and impress her? The answer forms the crux of the story.

After delivering a brilliant debut film ‘ENGEYUM EPPOTHUM’ and an average entertainer IVAN VERA MATHIRI, Saravanan is back with another average flick. VALIYAVAN has got an interesting one-line which could have been made as a good entertainer with a better screenplay. The film starts well with an unsual introduction of the protagonist and antagonist, where the hero starts narrating how he wants to beat Ashwin. The problem is that the director loses his grip on holding the audience to the suspense on the relation between them. The saving grace of the film is the lively performances of the lead pair and a few supporting characters, the thumping background score by D.Imman, the last 40 minutes and the cinematography.  The neither engaging nor boring mediocre comedy and romance track adds to it; the film runs for 2 hours and we are offered 5 to 6 songs that are all misplaced and comes for no reason.

The first half moves completely pointless with a lot of characters and unwanted scenes helping the script in no way (despite the fact that most of them are revealed / justified in the second half). The film takes off only after the interval, exactly starting from the training sequences. The dialogues are good all through the film (even those uttered by the roadside friend saying ‘Single tea ku naan advice panna mathiri aayidum’). The dialogues or jokes commented on woman could have been reduced to an extent and the scenes like where a Police officer asks Subhiksha to walk in the road could also have been avoided.

Coming to performance, the lively performances by the lead actors has been a plus. Jai has done all possible justification, making his performance enjoyable as a happy youngster and making his role as a boxer ‘BELIEVABLE’ with extra efforts needed. Despite the film’s commercial success or failure, VALIYAVAN will be an important film in Jai’s career and definitely, it is better than his last 3 films. Andrea is very attractive with her looks and convincing performance. Azhagam Perumal and Anupama Kumar’s performances deserves a special mention. On technical stand, VALIYAVAN has got a thumping background score by D.Imman and  a grandeur cinematography by Dinesh Krishnan which are the positive assests of the film. However, the songs and editing could have been much better.

VERDICT: An interesting commercial plot that could have been much better with a gripping screenplay!

Review by: Rahman

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