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141.KOMBAN - Movie Review
In June 2014, Studio Green announced that their next film would be with Muthaiah of Kutti Puli fame (2013) taking charge of the direction and that the film would feature Karthi in a rural based role for the second time following his debut film Paruthiveeran. Yuvan Shankar Raja was initially reported to be composing the film’s score and soundtrack, but he was replaced with G.V.Prakash Kumar in July 2014. Velraj handled the film’s cinematography. Praveen K. L. was selected to be the film’s editor. Sri Divya was first reported to be the female lead, but the role went to Lakshmi Menon, who also was the maker’s first choice, while Rajkiran was selected to play a pivotal role. Stunt choreographer Super Subbarayan was cast for an antagonistic role. Comedians Karunas and Thambi Ramaiah were added to the cast as well. The team announced that the film’s shooting would be wrapped up in 70 days’ time. Principal photography commenced in June 2014. Most of the scenes were shot at Mudhukulathur. Has the team managed to deliver a good entertainer. Read on, to know!

Kombaiyaa Pandiyan (Karthi) is celebrated by Arasanadu village people for his righteousness and his anger on any wrong-doings in his locality; thereby, he has gained the enmity of many criminals. He gets married to Pazhani (Lakshmi Menon), after which he is much questioned by his father in law Muthiah (Raj Kiran) and his wife for every fight or quarrel he gets into, which leads to a great misunderstanding. At a point of time, Komban’s enemies wants to kill his father-in-law. What happens then? Does Komban save him and his family? The answer forms the climax.

After a below average rural commercial flick KUTTI PULI that made good collections in the B & C centre, Muthiah is back with another average rural commercial film. KOMBAN is a very usual commercial action flick, that has a plot which we have seen in hundreds of Tamil films; it is another story of GOOD vs BAD. The film has everything that can satisfy a commercial film lover – Emotions, humour, action, heroic buildups, mass moments; but everything has been given in overdose which is boring after a point of time.

Muthaiah has taken a commercial formula that our directors used a decade ago (chances are there that he wrote the script a decade ago); the film begins with a typical Tamil cinema villain introduction which ends with a dialogue ‘Nammalai evandaa edhirppaan’ giving a lead to Hero’s introduction, a fight! The film takes a lot of time to get into the actual story, spending much time in fights to define hero’s righteousness and also with a number of songs. The film has many similaritiles comparing with KUTTI PULI, starting from the hero’s characterization (an angry village youngster who does nothing else than getting into quarrel for any wrong-doing by others), the importance for family relations, too much of heroic buildups and so on. The buildups for Karthi’s character in the dialogues, lyrics and every other way possible could have been reduced to a  great extent.

What has really worked out in KOMBAN is the portrayal of the Father-in-law and Son-in-law’s relationship; nothing else is so new or untried in the film. The film has its own high moments post-interval such as the fight scene for Raj Kiran and the jail sequence, which will be liked much by the mass movie lovers. Although not getting into the plot exactly, the first half moves steadily in a perfect pace. The second half starts wandering after a point of time, especially in the pre-climax and climax portions; the looooooong, dramatic climax does not work at all! Still, whatever said, this film will see great response in the B&C centres where the will be making SUPER HIT collections.

Casting has been so aptly done for every single role in the film. Karthi has done great justice in the role of Komban, despite reminding Paruthi Veeran often. Lakshmi Menon comes not just in a role of a heroine who appears only in songs, but has done a worth-mentioning job. Raj Kiran is seen in a very important role after MANJAPAI last year; his performance is a very big plus point for KOMBAN. Kovai Sarala does the role of Komban’s mother, portraying something different starting from the makeup; of course, this is one unique role that she has ever done. The villains are terrifiying including popular stunt master ‘Super’ Subburayan in the role of Gundan Ramasamy. Thambi Ramasamy takes care of the humour portions and provides the needed relief. Writer Vela Ramamoorthy who delivered a fantastic performance in MADHA YAANAI KOOTTAM has been under-utilized like anything, in a very small role which actually had no scope to perform or emote.

Technically, KOMBAN is strong with well choreographed stunt sequences, sleek editing by Praveen.K.L and the colourful cinematography by Velraj that shows Ramnad district and its villages in different tones. Music has been a very big let down in KOMBAN, with 1 average song and 3 below average songs; the background score is also so usual, not anything special that we can expect from someone like G.V.Prakash; actually, the BGM is too loud and annoying in a number of scenes.

VERDICT: An usual rural commercial film that has too much of everything with lots of predictability and clichés. An one-time watch for mass masala lovers!

Review by: Rahman

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