My thoughts on @FastandFurious7…

Fast-and-furious-7 review
Watched #FastandFurious7 a couple of days back, and here is my thoughts on the movie…

The film was entertaining all-through with extra-ordinary stunt sequences that gives a lot of goosebumps (especially in the interval block). But, I was a bit disappointed. Definitely, this could be the weakest script in the career of James Wan, a director who gives excellent commercial films.

With no doubts, the film is highly entertaining and is worth every single penny spent; but from such a director, you would expect something more brainy and logical rather than a product with much of usual commercial gimmicks. Too much of action with dragging pre-climax portions was a minus.

Also, it is so ironic seeing people who make fun of the ‘Larger than life stunts’ in Indian films praising (celebrating, I should say!?) the same kinda stunts in such Hollywood films (though it is believable or visually appealing)!

Verdict: Not to be missed for the wholesome entertainment!

Review by: Rahman


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