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145.Kanchana2 - Movie Review
Following the success of MUNI and MUNI 2: KANCHANA, Raghava Lawrence began to work on the third installment to the MUNI franchise, titled GANGA in 2012. Taapsee was roped in to play the female lead. Anjali was signed up for a cameo role, but she was later replaced by Nithya Menen. Lawrence was said to have six different shaded roles. In October 2013, Lawrence injured himself during the filming and shooting was stopped for three months and the whole shooting was completed in early 2015. Due to the huge success of MUNI 2, there has been an overwhelming response from distributors and theater owners for MUNI 3. Will Raghava manage to deliver another hit in the series? Read on, to know!

As like in MUNI 1 & 2, Raghava (Raghava Lawrence) suffers from Phasmophobia. He works as a camera man in a private TV channel. He works in a TV show about the existence of ghosts along with Nandhini (Taapsee Pannu), where their team encounters a number of ghosts. What happens then forms the crux of the story.

Having delivered two hit films in the MUNI franchise, Raghava Lawrence had everything easy in hand with well-established characters and a well-tested successful commercial formula. All he had to do is keep his audience engaged, in which he has been partially successful. In fact, the brand MUNI has got a great following among the family audience, especially kids. With summer being a perfect time for release, even an average script would have done magic!

What has happened actually in case of MUNI-3 is a little over-confidence over the ‘Horror-Comedy’ genre, a little lethargical approach towards the making and a lot of compromise in the writing which has resulted in a poor product. It is no doubt that the film will be a super hit (which is evident from the audience response in theaters). But, looking at it as a product, #MUNI3 could be the weakest of the ‪#‎MUNI trilogy. Too much of humour and horror with an uninteresting / almost empty content has been the problem.

The film has got an okayish 1st half followed by a below average 2nd half with pathetic writing. The first half has got a lot of laughter and thrill moments equally, despite a few complainable moments and the fact that the film never moves towards anything in the first half. This pointlessness continues even after 30 minutes post-interval, where we start wondering if the director is really worried about where the film is heading to. Then, we see a flashback (a very weak and unimpressive flashback) in the last 40 minutes, which is followed by a hurried and incomplete climax. Additionally, what we get is the loudest background score which could puncture our ears so easily! Being a part of the MUNI trilogy, every single audience in the cinema hall would know that there is going to be a flashback in the second half and a revenge in the climax; so, it is all about how things are narrated with some surprises and unpredictable twists. Let us not discuss about the predictability or clichés, but there is not even a single twist in this flat screenplay anywhere!

Coming to performances, Raghava Lawrence gives his best in what he is good at. He excels in the dance sequences and the action blocks and also impresses with different looks; but, when it comes to acting, there’s been a lot of over-dramatism all through. It is the same with Taapsee Pannu who struggles a lot to deliver what is expected from her and is not quite easy with her dialogues. Nithya Menen does her best in her cameo role, whereas Jaya Prakash has been wasted in a ‘good for nothing’ role. In technical standards, KANCHANA 2 is just below average. Whether it is the songs, background score, cinematography, lighting or art direction, KANCHANA 2 is far below what even new comers in the industry are trying. The loud background score was literally annoying and pain-giving!

VERDICT: The film is worth a watch, if you are a hard-core masala lover and if you can take a pair of ear buds for the 2nd half!

P.S: This review or nothing of the above comments can stop this film from becoming a Super hit. Family audience and kids are enjoying the film like anything.

Review by: Rahman

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