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In August 2014, it was announced that actress Jyothika would make a comeback to acting after a seven-year sabbatical by featuring in the Tamil remake of Rosshan Andrrews’s Malayalam film HOW OLD ARE YOU (2014), which featured Manju Warrier in the lead role. Jyothika’s husband Suriya decided to produce the venture under his production banner 2D Entertainment, while director and writer Rosshan Andrrews and Bobby Sanjay were retained from the original version. Suriya revealed that Jyothika and he were impressed by the Malayalam version and Jyothika took two days to agree to make a return as an actress. Actor Rahman was added to the cast in October 2014, to play the role originally essayed by Kunchacko Boban. Music director Santhosh Narayanan was signed on to compose the film’s music. The shoot of the film began in November 2014. During the first schedule, actress Abhirami also signed on to portray a pivotal role, marking a comeback to Tamil films after an eleven-year absence. The film has grabbed the audience’s attention and raised expectations very easily, since it marks the comeback of Jyothika. The satellite rights of the film has been acquired by SUN TV. So, how good is ‘36 VAYADHINILE’? Read on, to know!

Vasanthi (Jyothika) is a middle-age family woman for whom the world means her husband and daughter only. She lives only for them ensuring that all their needs are fulfilled; she does not even have any dreams or desire for herself. Her husband Tamilselvan (Rahman) is quite unhappy with all her playfulness and innocence, which makes him start hating her over a point of time. After a chain of sequences, Vasanthi sees some serious troubles in her life and feels so inferior about herself. How does Vasanthi get out of all these forms crux of the story.

An introduction the Director:
Rosshan Andrews is one of the leading film directors in the Malayalam industry. Starting from his first film UDHAYANAAN THAARAM, many including THE NOTEBOOK are much popular in Malayalam. His 2013 release MUMBAI POLICE is a path-breaking thriller movie; am not sure if there will be any director in Tamil will have guts to remake the film with the same climax! Rosshan Andrews who makes sure that he gives his audience an unique film with a less travelled plot everytime, had directed ‘Super Star’ Mohan Lal more than 3  times; he is that popular in Malayalam. His recent film HOW OLD ARE YOU was a super hit, which has been now remade in Tamil as 36 VAYADHINILE.

First things first! Remaking a HIT film is not an easy job at all. More than 10 remake films released last year including VALLAVANUKKU PULLUM AAYUTHAM, MALINI 22 PALAYAMKOTTAI, PULI VAAL and YENNAMO YETHO which were nothing else than crap. Remakes fail when there is a lack of understanding the film’s subject or when the film has no nativity (making the audience feel like watching a dubbing film) or when the emotions are not recreated impactfully. This does not happen mostly when the director of the original and remake are the same; that way, Rosshan has successfully overcome all these challenges. Roshan Andrews has made it a honest remake with no major changes.

‪#‎Jo is the biggest plus point of the film; she is the queen all the way! Her performance is so likable and impressive right from the first scene. It is one such film like ‪#‎KUSHI, ‪#‎MOZHI and ‪#‎CHANDRAMUKHI where she plays a vital role of carrying the whole film in her shoulders. She has got a role that has everything to showcase her strong acting potentials. You can’t even imagine this film without such a performer and there can’t be a better script than this for Jyothika’s comeback! The perfect casting makes the film stand proud in par with the original version. Even small characters have been replaced with apt actors (say Delhi Ganesh, Devadharsini). Rahman has done a great job too, but am not sure why his character is projected much more selfish unlike the original version (kind of villainic).  Dialogues by Viji are just top-notch, which ensures laughter among the audience now and then.

The film has few minuses such as the slow paced screenplay and few scenes in the second half which look preachy. Another let down was the background score which gives a documentary feel at many places, thereby making few scenes in the second half less impactful – say the scene where Vasanthi meets the old lady at her house (whereas the BGM was actually the soul of the film in the original version which elevated the film’s mood to a different level). Santhosh Narayanan has not given his best, for sure! However, the songs were good. It is good that the uninteresting heroine’s mother character from the original version has been removed, but it was disappointing to see one of the most inspiring characters in HOW OLD ARE YOU – the tea shop owner couple removed! Also, the scenes that involve describing the friendship of heroine’s officemates has been reduced to an extent. The film is shorter comparing to the original version; same way, the impact of the whole film is!

With a plot that has a question ‘Who decides the Expiry date of a Woman’s dream?’, the original version (HOW OLD ARE YOU) was the best even comparing with the much celebrated Bollywood films ENGLISH VINGLISH and QUEEN which had similar plots. 36 VAYADHINILE is not such perfect for some reasons, but still it is definitely a MUST WATCH for every married woman and the family audience!

VERDICT: ‘MUST WATCH’ for every married woman and Family audience! Take your Queen along to enjoy the comeback of the ‘Queen of Expressions’.

Rating – 3.5/5
Review by: Rahman

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