@InimeyIppadithaan & @RomeoJuliet – Movie Review

With 2 big commercial films releasing this weekend, here is my review of both the films. Read & ‘SHARE’ with your friends! 🙂


INIMEY IPPADITHAAN is Santhanam’s second film as hero after the failure of VALLAVANUKKU PULLUM AAYUDHAM in 2014; the film has been directed by ‘LOLLU SABHA’ fame duo Muruganand (Murugan & Anand). Santhanam plays the lead role, alongside Ashna Zaveri who was seen in his previous film and Akhila Kishore who was seen in Parthiban’s KATHAI THIRAIKATHAI VASANAM IYAKKAM. This film has been produced by Santhanam’s banner ‘Handmade Films’. The music is scored by A.R.Rahman’s former assistant Santosh Kumar Dayanidhi. The film has got U certificate from censor board.

Seenu (Santhanam), a happy-go-lucky youngster who is in an urge of getting married within 3 months as per the warning from astrologer. Unfortunately, two girls fall in love with him and he is in a situation to say YES to both of them which creates a lot of confusion in his life. What happens then forms the crux of the story.

‪#‎Santhanam and his Lollu sabha team has chosen a very usual, cliched story to give the audience a lighthearted entertainer. The film delivers what the audience would expect from a film that has Santhanam in the lead role – ENTERTAINMENT! It is a role that has been tailor-made for Santhanam which suits him well. The team has planned a script and executed in the best way possible for a small budget.

The first half is thoroughly engaging with some good laughter moments, despite carrying scenes that we have seen in hundreds of Tamil films. The emotions and family sentiments has also worked well to an extent. It is Santhanam who manages the show with his funny one-liners; he has improved himself in acting too. The wandering second half is the problem, which is dragging pointlessly with more than 2 unnecessary songs (A bar song, a love failure song, a duet in foreign location).

‪#‎Ashna looks much prettier and has performed well compared to her first film, whereas #‎Akhila_Kishore who gave an impressive debut in #KTVI has been very much underutilized in a role that has nothing much to do. ‘Aadukalam’ Naren has also been wasted in a very small role. The actress who comes in the role of Santhanam’s mother has done a commendable job. Thambi Ramiah’s performance evokes laughter in few scenes and is annoying in some scenes. Music by Santhosh Kumar Dhayanidhi is good; his work in both songs and BGM are good as for a debutant. Cinematography by Gopi Jagadesswaran and Editing by Ruben has contributed a lot for the film’s rich looks.
Verdict – An one time watch run-of-the-mill entertainer which will be enjoyed by Santhanam fans!

Rating – 2.75/5


ROMEO JULIET – Movie Review

Lakshman, who produced KALVANIN KADHALI previously, announced that he would make his first venture as a director with ROMEO JULIET featuring Jayam Ravi in the lead role. The director had initially finalized Nayantara to play the leading female role but did not want to repeat her pairing with Jayam Ravi, as the pair were working on another production, Director Raja’s THANI ORUVAN, at the time of casting. Subsequently he chose to cast Hansika Motwani in the leading role instead. The team held their first schedule in May 2014 and the shooting was wrapped by early January 2015. This film is of so much importance in Jayam Ravi’s career, since he has not tasted any Box office success in the last 2, 3 years. Has Jayam Ravi managed to deliver the much needed HIT in his career? Read on, to know!

Karthick (Jayam Ravi) is a gym coach who is so positive about life. Aishu (Hansika), an airhostess who is always money-minded mistakes Karthick as a billionaire and falls in love with him. Karthick accepts her love, but Aishu breaks up with him after a few weeks knowing his actual status. Karthick tries to convince her by proving his love for her, but all in vain. What happens then forms the crux of the story.

Romantic Comedy is one such genre in films that can be either a great film or a disaster; all based on one thing – SCRIPT! With a very dry script that actually has no content at all with shallow emotions, Lakshman’s debut film ROMEO JULIET has fallen under the category of DISASTER! This rom-com movie is uninteresting, cheesy, predictable, boring, unauthentic, amateur, dragging, clichéd, maane, thene, ponmaane… add whatever that you can probably add for a bad commercial film that doesn’t work a bit.

Man, this is one kind of that film where you would think of leaving the cinema hall halfway even before it ends. The average first half and the below average second half with a very poor writing neither entertains nor leaves any impact. Even one of the hit songs from the album ‘DANDANAKKA’ has been picturized in a disappointing manner. Right from the first scene of the lead characters’ introduction, how they fall in love, their break-up, the ideas in second half where the heroine finds a pair for the hero till the climax, nothing of these are interesting. Instead, everything looks so artificial with too much of predictability and melodrama. There is a very important scene in the first half where the heroine tells about her past and the hero kisses her and consoles that he will take care of her; the poor execution of that scene is one fine example to explain how weak the direction was.

When we see a different idea used in the title card with a tribute to all the popular love scenes in Tamil cinema, we develop some curiousity for the film but that does not even last for 5 minutes. The only scene that looked honestly made in the film was the Interval block (nothing else). Jayam Ravi and Hansika has tried their best to do justification for their roles, but one cannot save the sinking boat with that alone.

Technically, ROMEO JULIET is average. Background score by D.Imman was really good, whereas the songs were very average. Soundarajan has done a remarkable work in cinematography, whereas the Editing was so poor with so many cuts and transitions being so abrupt (most of the scenes fades out to black).
Hansika says this dialogue very often repeatedly in the film ‘Murugaa, ennai epdiyaavathu kaapaathu’; that is what most of the audience in the theater say too! unsure emoticon

Verdict – An age-old love story with a very poor execution. Worth Missing!

Rating – 1.75/5

Review by: Rahman

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