@IndruNetruNaalai & @Yagavarayinum_NaaKakka – Movie Review

@IndruNetruNaalai & @Yagavarayinum_NaaKakka – Movie Review

Here are the short reviews of the Friday releases…

156.Indru Netru Naalai


‘Indru Netru Naalai’ is one of the most creative entertainers of 2015. The film is so crisply made with lot of creativity.

Being a film based on ‘Time Travel’, the director succeeds in keeping the script so simple & understandable for everyone with good twists and turns. The director and team should also be appreciated for understanding what exactly the script demands and spending wisely for its low budget, though not compromising on mandatory things. Except 1 or 2 uninteresting scenes, the whole film is fresh and engaging. The theatre bursts out in laughter for every other comedy one-liners; Karunakaran has done a great job.

The first 30 minutes of the film (until the protagonists get the time machine) was moving pointlessly yet funny. The biggest minus was the love portion; if it had some more detailing and if there was a better chemistry between the lead pair, the twist in the pre-climax portion which pushes the hero to get into the time machine again would have been much more impacting. Also, the casting for the villain role looked too odd. Except 1 song, others were too average in Aadhi’s music; however, the background score was one of the biggest plus points of the film.

Coming to the concept of time-machine, the film had some hilarious scenes and also some beautiful scenes like where Anu helps her mother in her pregnancy.
Overall, #INN is an interesting Sci-Fi comedy thriller. Not to be missed!
Happy for the hat-trick success of actor ‪#‎Vishnu, who has been struggling for a long time to position himself in the industry!

Verdict: An out of the box entertainer with right amount of humour and thrills!
Rating – 3.75/5



156.Yagavarayinum Naa Kakka - Movie Review

The genre ‘thriller’ gets boring when there is too much of build-ups given but the audience are not offered anything so surprising or shocking; that is what has happened with ‪’Yagavarayinum Naa Kakka. #YNK could have been a very engaging thriller, but is let down by overdose of Melodrama and cliches.
The whole first half is so uninteresting; the film actually starts only after the interval. Aadhi has done an impressive job; the actors in his friends’ role were also good. Nikki Galrani’s character initially looks like a usual Tamil cinema heroine, but it is her energy and cuteness saving the first half to an extent; her attempt on dubbing in her own voice is much appreciative.
It was sad seeing veteran actors like Mithun Chakraborty (his first South Indian film!), Nasser, Kitty and few others casted in roles that had nothing much to do. The below average songs and the unrealistic ‘all-in-the-air’ stunts were also a minus too. Also, the director seems to have highly inspired by some of the super hit films in last 2 decades. There were some high moments which will make you sit straight in your seat with expectations, but the director lets that down in the very next scene with an unnecessary song or something so dramatic. There are some sudden sentiment scenes here and there, for which you will not know how to react. The film has too many twists, but only very few interesting ones. The idea of telling a message from Thirukkural in a commercial film is good, but the way it has been executed is not so fresh or interesting but dragging and confusing.

For an actor like Aadhi who has a good physique and delivers a convincing performance in most films, a commercial hit cannot be a difficult thing at all! All he needs is a good script. With half-baked scripts like this and films that are not clear on what they are meant to serve, it might be something difficult to achieve.

Verdict: A very average thriller with lots of hiccups in writing!

Rating – 2.5/5

Review by: Rahman

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