@BAAHUBALI – Movie Review

– A film from a director who does not know anything but SUPER HIT, MEGA HIT and BLOCKBUSTER in his whole career; a film after two mega projects MAHATHEERA and EEGAA. Baahubali is the most expensive film in the history of Indian cinema. Baahubali is a film that had around 1.3 years of pre-production alone and also one of the few films featured in BBC’s documentary on ‘100 Years of Indian cinema’. Coming to business, anything that this film associated with is a RECORD BREAK! Whether it is the promotions, historical ticket bookings and theater openings, BAAHUBALI has been so unique with ‘Sky High’ expectations! Is the film worth all the hypes given? Read on, to know!

First things first. In all means, BAAHUBALI is a never-seen-before experience in Indian cinema!  A spectacular attempt in terms of sets, visuals, making and overall presentation!!

The characters are very well-written; with a perfect casting, SS Rajamouli​ has succeeded halfway already. Veteran actors like Ramya Krishnan, Sathyaraj and Nasser have been a very big plus point; Ramya Krishnan is the show-stealer easily, with her extra-ordinary body language and dialogue delivery.  Sathyaraj and Nasser gives their best for the script so effortlessly. Prabhas and Rana have been on a tight competition to outwit each other on performance just like their characters Paalbalathevan and Baahubali. The dialogues are so sharp and straight to the point; ‘Ethanai uyirai konnaalum, Veeran dhan… Oruthar uyirai kaapaathinaalum, Kadavul dhan’ is an example.

Music and Cinematography has been one of the biggest assets of BAAHUBALI. Maragatha Mani’s background score takes the film to greater heights. Senthil Kumar’s cinematography is fantastic with stunning aerial shots. The film does not have anything as minus to be pointed out in the whole film’s technical departments such as sets, costumes, VFX, sound designing or more.

The visual extravaganza in the war sequence and many other scenes will give you a ‘jaw-dropping’ experience.  Personally, I felt that the idea of unfolding the story in two parts lessens the story’s emotion and power to an extent. Some of the audience might take few scenes as unwanted, but those are the scenes which are expected to trigger some leads in the sequel and explain few things in detail in the next part.

There are hiccups in writing in some pivotal portions, there are some underwhelming moments and the narration has failed to hold the audience tight in the first half. There is nothing much in the first half that helps the film move ahead or adding any great value to the script. The long and dragging romance portion between Sivudu and Avanthika, the item song in second half which was completely unnecessary are few to mention. But, this is one such film that does not deserves to be put down only by pin-pointing on the flaws and minuses; instead, it is meant to be celebrated for the breath-taking efforts in bringing true such a dream of a filmmaker. Kudos to the whole team! Needless to say, you need to ignore logics in some scenes to enjoy being a part of this fantasy travel.

I pity on those geniuses who say that ‘The VFX / Computer Graphics could have been better’ and those legendary comments that say ‘Did this level of VFX really take more than 2.5 years?’… Guys, please do remember that we have tried a film in just 10% of what a Hollywood film’s budget is! For example, the budget of the recent Hollywood release ‪#‎Avengers2 was 1800 crores INR and the budget of ‪#‎FF7 was 1450 crores INR. Even those films did not have a perfect CG work. So, please do not insult the hardwork of 1000s of labors and the daring attempt from an Indian filmmaker (South Indian) to take our cinema’s market and standards ahead!

Don’t worry…! The best is yet to come, ‘BAAHUBALI – The Conclusion’  in 2016.

VERDICT: A never-seen-before experience in Indian cinema! NOT TO BE MISSED AT ANY COST!!

Review by: Rahman

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