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Suraaj is one director in the industry who has given some B-grade hit films and many disasters with films that have no content but relying much on comedy and glamour stuffs. His previous 2 films #Maappillai and #AlexPandiyan were utter flops, which were thrashed by both critics and audience.

Coming to #Appatakkar, it is an awful overdosed mixture of glamour, double meaning dialogues, scenes that objectifies women, pointless screenplay and ripped Telugu songs resulting in a 160 minutes of headache, which is packed with a lable of ‘Family Entertainer’! Shame on the CBFC board which has given this film a clean ‘U’ certificate with no cuts at all (whereas so many good products where left to suffer)! Does the censor board really wants these type of films only to be watched and enjoyed by the family audience?? I am unsure if there can be a better way to make an irresponsible & irritating entertainer. Suraaj has already set an unbeatable benchmark in his preious disaster #‎AlexPandiyan itself, which even he can’t surpass.

There is nothing called even a basic one-line as story in this film. Director Suraaj’s maximum creativity in the film is writing scenes like where the hero teaches the heroine to ride bicycle and the heroine teaches the hero to swim. The second half has scenes like where the lead pair is kidnapped by the hero’s uncle for lunch. Awww!? Why would the heroine who not even cared about spending few more days with the hero, contest in the election just because her father-in-law asks??

The film runs for 2 hours and 40 minutes with no content literally, having only unwanted item song, fight sequence in a mudane situation and stupid characters uttering senseless dialogues. The film also has 5 songs (which are actually RE-USE of 5 Telugu hit songs of Thaman) which gives you a feel of watching a Telugu dubbing movie. All through the film, the hero does nothing but wasting time with friends, passing time at TASMAC, bribing the people with chicken, liquor and money for success in election. Suddenly, the director has some message to tell you on sacrifice, family, relationship and so on.

In terms of entertainment quotient, this film might be better comparing to a crap film like ALEX PANDIYAN; but, it is equally absurd and annoying. There are lots of misleading, cheap and absurd content all through the film. The filmmaker and unit seems to be clear on one thing – making money no matter how cheap or bad their product could be! With no second thought, filmmakers like #‎Suraaj must be imposed with a lifetime ban on filmmaking! This must be done with no mercy, to save our cinema and audience. Man, there’s 1000 ways to earn your bread and butter..!!

Verdict: Cheap, insane and outdated entertainment that is nowhere enjoyable or tolerable! Watch at your own risk.

Rating: 0.75 / 5

Review by: Rahman

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