@ChandiVeeran – Movie Review

CHANDI VEERAN  – Movie Review

162.CHANDI VEERAN - Movie Review
Director Sargunam who spoke about the importance of education in the national award winning VAAGAI SOODA VAA, has dealt with the issue of ‘Water Preservation’ in CHANDI VEERAN. May be because such a good film like VAAGAI SOODA VAA flopped at the box office, Sargunam has decided to take the usual, commercial route thereby the end product has been a average and partly enjoyable entertainer. Actually, the director has tried to give a serious film with the touches of his debut film KALAVAANI, but unfortunately the film does not achieves it exactly.

As like every film of Sargunam, CHANDI VEERAN excels in nativity. The locations and the film’s cast takes us downsouth. Even though there is nothing to much to perform or emote, Atharvaa Murali is in full energy and gives a commendable performance. ‘Kayal’ Anandhi is a pretty eye candy, and she does the best in the role offered to her. Veteran actor Lal does a convinving job and is a plus point for the film, yet he is seen in a much underutilized character; he deserves much more!

The concept, the short runtime, the lead pair’s performance and the excellence in nativity are the plus points of CHANDI VEERAN; whereas, some irritating characterizations like RajaShree’s, too much of drama, misplaced songs are very big minus points. The message told is well-received towards the end, despite being preachy and abrupt. The director and team could have focused more on the core subject in the first half.

If this concept was made with some more seriousness and handled with some more maturity, it would have been one of the notable films of this decade! A mass masala commercial film like KATHTHI had much more strong content on the same theme; Sargunam could have made the script much more tighter and impactful!

Veridct: Overall, a village based entertainer that is not as good as KALAVAANI or as bad as NAIYAANDI! Worth a watch!

Rating – 2.5/5

Review by: Rahman

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