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164.THANI ORUVAN - Movie Review

M.Raja who is much popular for delivering Blockbuster hit films that are remakes of Telugu films, had his last 2 films THILLAALANGADI and VELAAYUTHAM making an average show at the box office. In March 2013, Raja announced that his next film will be with his brother Ravi and it will be produced by AGS Entertainment. He also added that “This film is not a remake and it is close to my heart; it’s an experimental script and I’ve put my heart and soul in penning it”. Nayanthara was confirmed for the lead female role. Arya and Arvind Swamy were in talks for the antagonist role and Arvind Swamy was finalized in June 2014. This film is a very big hope for Jayam Ravi and Raja, since both of them are struggling to position themselves in the industry now.

THANI ORUVAN is a story of Good vs Evil. It deals with the Cat and Mouse game between Mithran, a sincere, young police officer (Jayam Ravi) and Siddarth Abhimanyu (Arvind Swamy), an industrialist / scientist who can go to any extent to make money. What happens when the game between these central characters reaches its peak forms the crux of the film.

First things first! Director M.Raja and team must be very much appreciated for making such a solid entertainer with lots of social awareness message and the threats due to privatization in medical industry, exploitation in terms of medication and how Organized Crimes are happening in our society shadowed in the name of Emotional Crimes. Tamil cinema has not seen such an interesting, intense action thriller that moves on the theme of GOOD VS EVIL in the recent years (probably after THUPPAAKKI!) Easily, it is the best commercial entertainer of 2015 till date and it could be the career-best film of Jayam Ravi!

Am not sure if any other film in Tamil cinema or South India had this much of detailing on ORGANIZED CRIMES, that too presenting it in such a simple manner that everyone can understand. The scene where Mithran speaks about the news in dailies and their relativity (Onion price hike due to Lorry strike, the extension of Aksaya Tritiya’s dates due to gold price hike) is a great example of detailing in every scene. The film is so logical, full of energy and positivity. The director and team have spent a lot of time on researches for every essential things needed (say the various technologies used by Criminals and Cops today referred).

The biggest plus point of THANI ORUVAN is its screenplay, rock-strong characterizations and sharp dialogues. Starting from the first scene till the climax, the film is thoroughly engaging with fast paced scenes.  There are no abrupt cuts or logic-less magic anywhere, the flow of narration is too good. The interval block and the climax are brilliant with Goosebumps giving mass scenes here and there (say the scene where Mithran proposes to Mahima). Few slow moments and one or two clichéd scenes post-interval are also not much complain-able, thanks to the tight screenplay. The dialogue in each and every single scene is so impressive and adds great value to the script. This kind of writing and presentation makes us question ‘Why did not Raja do an original script much earlier itself?’ The duet melody in the last 30 minutes alone was a very big speed breaker, which let most audience go out for a cigarette.

Coming to performance, Arvind Swamy as Siddarth Abhimanyu steals the show as a super cool villain. His acting, costumes, style, English accent and every single attribute of him was so perfect. The intense mind games between Mithran and Siddarth looked even more interesting because of Arvind Swamy’s performance. He has just nailed it! Jayam Ravi suited the role of Mithran IPS very well; it was like a tailor-made role for him. Nayanthara’s role as bold and matured young lady and forensic officer was interesting though being short. Thambi Ramaiyah’s character and the subtle humor that never interrupted the story’s flow was a big plus point. Other supporting actors such as Nassar, Vamsi Krishna, Ganesh Venkatraman, Harish Uthaman and Abinaya have done their best. Hip Hop Thamizha’s songs and background score has added great strength for THANI ORUVAN. Ramji’s cinematography has elevated the film’s standard to a different height.

Verdict: A solid action thriller with brilliant screenplay. One of the best entertainers of 2015!

Rating – 4/5

Review by: Rahman

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