‘X : PAST IS PRESENT’ – Movie Review

X : PAST IS PRESENT‘ is one of its kind feature film where 11 Indian filmmakers with strikingly different cinematic styles (Abhinav Shiv Tiwari, Anu Menon, Hemant Gaba, Nalan Kumaraswamy, Pratim D Gupta, Q, Raja Sen, Rajshree Ojha, Sandeep Mohan, Sudhish Kamath, Suparn) have come together to make different parts of the same film. It is one story told through the eyes of 11 unique storytellers. From the day the project was announced, this film had created a lot of expectations among movie buffs and it has released on 20th November.

X : PAST IS PRESENT‘ is the story of a filmmaker with midlife crisis who meets a mysterious young girl, who reminds him of various women in his life giving him several nightmares. The film is a bold take on the men & women relationships.

X : PAST IS PRESENT‘ is all about ‘K’ an unsuccessful filmmaker, the 20+ films that he made and the 10+ pivotal women in his life. In short, his past affairs that haunts in the whole passage of time.

The film has 11 different episodes in total. There is no character or scene that appears just for the sake of it. Every single character help ‘K’ evolve and move ahead. The 11 episodes are each different from one another. The poignant ‘8 to 8’ episode at Calcutta, the short episode within a car (with a shocking end), the episodes of K’s wife and his heroine who have already lost hope on him, Vina who was with him in the important phase of his life and a woman who saves K’s life (the episodes of few affairs looks trimmed and not more than what exactly is needed, say the French lady and the San Francisco episode. To avoid the tag / label of ‘over dosage of sex and lust’)

The film is brilliantly written and the making is even more impressive, thanks to the technical excellence in almost every department. Dialogues are the biggest plus point of ‘X’; to mention a few, ‘Cinema is the ticket to escape from the misery of life’, ‘All of God’s scripts are lousy, he definitely needs a better scriptwriter’, ‘Off late, I feel that everyone that I meet are the bloody same person’.

While the film progresses with every episode introducing too many characters, we are left confused with so many questions and doubts. But, the directors ensure that we are given answers for every single question towards the end (example – the reason why K is reluctant to kiss or have sex with Shireen at the birthday party). The detailing, narration and editing were all too impressive for such a non linear film. The idea of using different directors with unique styles and different technical team has added value really, suiting the different character / nature of women in every episode. Though 1 or 2 episodes were not at its best or impactful, the film was consistent and intriguing all through.

A brilliant piece of work that is completely intriguing. Soulful, Intense & Delightful! Must Watch!!

Rating – 4/5

P.S: I loved this film so much and watched it twice in theater today! I believe this is the first non-Tamil film that I watched twice in theater the same day.

Movie buffs, do not miss this movie if you love sensible, off-beat films! #PVR and few other theaters in Chennai are screening the film with English subtitles.

Review by: Rahman

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