@InjiIduppazhagi – Movie Review

After a series of flop films in Tamil (Irandaam Ulagam, Meaghamann, Purambokku, VSOP, Yatchan), Arya is looking for a hit desperately; his last hit film in Tamil was Raja Rani & Arrambam. ‘INJI IDUPPAZHAGI‘ is a bilingual film made in both Tamil & Telugu, which has more significance for Anushka than Arya. This is an important film the production company PVP Cinemas too, since they have not given any big hit films in recent time.

Women-centric films are a rarity in Indian cinema, particularly in South India where Hero worship leads the industry. ‘INJI IDUPPAZHAGI’ is a film that deals with the emotions of women suffering from obesity, the problems that they face in the society (particularly at the time of seeking alliance).

This could have been a very interesting rom-com movie with high emotional drama which would have been a treat for family audience. But, the film fails to engage due to lackluster writing! The film disappoints heavily in the first 20 minutes with boring characterizations, disgusting adult comedies such as where the heroine’s brother sells underwear online. :/ Beginning from the alliance scene of Arya and Anushka, the film takes speed with some interesting scenes and ideas such as the Fortune cookies. The characterization of Sweetie who is so positive and sportive despite all mocking at her is too good. However, there was lack of consistency due to so many unwanted characters, uninteresting scenes and misplaced songs in regular interval.

The first half was too slow and had very few interesting scenes. Post interval, the initial 30 minutes were really good and emotionally beautiful. But, the film lost its momentum once again where it deviated from the core plot to the boring, dramatic ‘SAVE JYOTHI CAMPAIGN’. The director seemed to be in a confusion of delivering it as a clean rom-com movie or a film with message for today’s youngsters who looks  for instant solutions or a film that unveils the faces of corporates that exploit public in the name of cosmetics / beauty; the end product was very average not serving the purpose wholly.

Though there were many preachy, dramatic and boring conversation on love, life and beauty, dialogues in many scenes were very much sensible and impressive. Say ‘Kalyaanathukku pinnaadi ponnu gundaanaa, divorce panniduveengalaa’, ‘Slums vechu padam eduthavanga ellaam millionaire aayitaanga, ivanga innum dogs mathiri dhan irukaanga’. Another biggest plus point of the film was Keeravani’s background score which elevated the film’s mood here and there.

Anushka was the show-stealer of the film, her tremendous efforts and excellent performance made the film what it is! However, it was so sad to see her efforts wasted in such a mediocre script. Arya is seen in more of a guest role; he must be appreciated for taking this role boldly in a woman centric film and doing it justifiably. Veteran actors like Oorvashi and Prakash Raj were very much under-utilized. Another biggest disappointment was that it was a surprise for the audience to see that the film is not a bilingual, but it is filmed in Telugu and has just been dubbed into Tamil in most of the scenes and the film has been shot in Andhra Pradesh completely. So, the audience could not ignore the feel of watching a Telugu dub movie.

Many jokes that made fun of obese women looked so artificial and forcibly added; many adult jokes were annoying rather than evoking laughter. The convenience in writing and shallow characterization was so evidently seen in the second half; particularly where the story deviates with a sub plot of ‘SAVE JYOTHI CAMPAIGN’ a character that was not given any importance earlier. And, the scenes where the antagonist does nothing but watching the campaign in tv and boring cliches like Sweetie’s mom bringing Dabbaware ladies for the campaign. It was only the romance portions towards the climax and the happy ending that tries to save the film.
Verdict: The show-stealer Anushka’s efforts are let-down by lackluster writing. Enjoyable only in bits & parts!

Rating – 2.5/5
Review by: Rahman

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