@Urumeen – Movie Review

177.Urumeen - Movie Review

I really did not want to write a movie review at this point of time. But, I could not stop myself from writing when I hear from quite a number of people that they had a very bad experience watching this film. I had an opportunity to watch this film last weekend in my hometown, but did not want to write anything at that time.

#Urumeen created very good expectations prior to its release. The posters, promos and trailer – everything was intriguing! I was also one among those movie-goer who expected it to be an off-beat film (at least, an interesting unusual entertainer). Contrastingly, the film was highly disappointing!

‘URUMEEN’ was just another film that was more focused on glossy making but had nothing much unique or fascinating as a script! The plot was novel and there were few interesting ideas here and there, but that was not adequate to engage the viewer for a 2 hours film (the pre-interval portion and the flashback in the 2nd half was the only relief in the whole film). The flat screenplay was the biggest minus point (very weak writing)! The first half had literally nothing and there was no need for a heroine character at all. The characterization and dialogues were poor, to say the least! The over-usage of slow-motion shots for build-up with BGM (and the voice-over) added to the boredom factor extremely.

The star-cast was promising with Bobby Simha, Kalaiyarasan and Reshmi Menon in Urumeen, which was another reason I watched this film in theater; but the performances were also very average on the whole. Simha shined a little in the pre-Independent India portion; but his acting in the current episode was not that impressive. Moreover, the too-much direct-imitating of ‘Super Star’ Rajinikanth in the anger reactions in stunt scenes were annoying over a point. It was sad to see such a poor performance by Kalaiyarasan (the actor who rocked as Anbu in MADRAS). Kalaiyarasan as the antagonist had a very powerful role to do than the hero, but he did not give his fullest what that role demanded. Technically, the film was strong except that the background score was very repetitive. The cinematography was the biggest asset of URUMEEN!

Verdict: A below average script with a flat, uninteresting screenplay. Fails miserably as an entertainer!

Rating – 2/5

Review byRahman

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