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179.Eetti - Movie Review

After a series of flop movies, EETTI is a big hope for Atharvaa Murali. The film is in shooting for a very long period for more than 2 years, since November 2013. So, how good is the film? Read on, to know!

Though the film revolves around sports, EETTI is not a sports movie completely; by genre, it is a romace-action thriller. Debut director Ravi Arasu has attempted to give a routine entertainer with a package of romance, action, comedy & emotions; he has achieved passmark in that attempt.

The director has been very much clear about his story, the budget, what all does it demand and who are his target audience. The first half occupies most of character introductions and romance portions alone. Though they do not help the script move ahead mostly, both the family scenes and romance portions have been made likably. The director has tried to be as honest as possible to his script and the budget given.

The film starts of so well, but loses its momentum in the mid of second half; however, there are not much boredom moments and the director manages to keep the audience engaged throughout. The dialogues were so straight and simple; there were some notable dialogues such as the one about the misusage of playgrounds. Also, the director impresses with some unique ideas often. The way the characters were established was also good (say the scene where the hero’s dad changes the house gate and the introduction scene of heroine’s brother).

Casting was a very big plus point of EETTI. Atharvaa and Sri Divya shined as a very good pair and the biology 😛 between them was too good which made them look like a real-life pair. The efforts that Atharvaa has put in for the ‘Hurdle Jump’ portions are highly commendable; his acting was also much better than his past 2 films. Veteran actors like Jayaprakash, ‘Aadukalam’ Naren has proved their expertise once again with their effortless performance. Other supporting actors such as RNR Manohar and Sonia Bose Venkat had also done their part well. However, the choice of few actors in the film looked so odd – say the villain actor, the heroine’s brother and ‘Aadukalam’ Murugadoss as Atharvaa’s friend.

On the flip side, the songs were very average. And, the multiple number of misplaced songs one after the other slowed the film’s pace to a certain extent. Many things that were too good in the first half looked very ordinary in the second half. For example, the director tried narrating the story through visuals in few scenes in first half whereas he started spoon-feeding the audience too much post interval. The scenes in the second half looked so clichéd and predictable too. The climax race scene was so dramatic and unrealistic, which was a minus again. The comedy portions involving ‘Aadukalam’ Murugadoss was also very average.

Verdict: EETTI is a decent entertainer, despite being usual & predictable. Worth a watch!

Rating – 2.75/5

Review byRahman

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