@UppuKaruvadu – Movie Review

178.Uppu Karuvaadu - Movie Review.jpeg

#Uppu_Karuvaadu received very positive reviews and good WOM from Day 1. But, I could not watch this movie in the past 20 days due to rain and floods.

Happened to watch this movie yesterday and it was completely worth the time and money spent. Every single scene was so humorous and the whole theater bursted out in laughter very often. The interesting characterizations (a character who uses wrong English words in every instance, a character who sticks so much to superstitious beliefs, a character who quotes a Thirukkural in every situation and many other peculiar & funny characters) and the dialogues by Pon Parthiban were the biggest plus points of UPPU KARUVAADU.

‘Uppu Karuvaadu’ is a very interesting meta-film with non-stop humour being its backbone. The film was engaging completely except for few lags and bore moments in the second half. Also, few characters like the Nair character who aspires to become a playback singer were boring over a point with much repetitivenss. The unnecessary songs and the typical ‘drama’ quality making of Radha Mohan films were the only minus points of the film.

‘Uppu Karuvaadu’ is definitely a recommendable film for any set of audience, either family or youth. The theater ROFLs in most of the scenes. Go, Enjoy it with your friends and family!

Rating – 3.5/5

Verdict – An one-time watch Laughter-Coaster. Radha Mohan strikes back in great form!

Review by: Rahman

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