@THANGAMAGAN – Movie Review

180.ThangaMagan - Movie Review

After the humungous success of VELAIYILLA PATTATHARI last year, Dhanush and Director / Cinematographer Velraj are back now with THANGAMAGAN. It is Dhanush’s fourth film this year after SHAMITABH, ANEGAN and MAARI. The film’s songs and trailer looked promising that it will be a decent entertainer. So, how good is the film? Read on, to know!

Director Velraj has attempted to give an entertainer much similar to his first film, trying to recreate the magic of VIP with the formula of Romance, Family Emotions & Action; however, he has been partially successful only.

The biggest saviour of THANGAMAGAN is the casting and Anirudh’s music. Yet again Dhanush has tried saving a film solely, but he could not do it completely with a faltering second half. Dhanush has delivered a very justifying performance and he is getting better as an actor day by day; however it must be admitted that his imitation of Rajinikanth in Comedy and Action scenes is also increasing a lot in every other film! K.S.Ravikumar has delivered his career-best performance in the role of a middle class father, hope he will be seen in many more good roles like this in future. Radhika is another veteran actress in the film who has delievered an excellent performance so effortlessly. Samantha is seen in the role of an innocent, silent daughter-in-law role for the first time, with good scope to perform without any glamour at all. Amy Jackson was one average performer in the movie who failed to convince the audience in the role of Hema D’souza. Actors like Jayaprakash and M.S.Bhaskar have not been efficiently utilized in very small roles. All the 4 songs had good picturization and are well placed; the BGM was quite average though a plus ppint for the film.

The first half was engaging though the romance scenes with Amy Jackson were so usual, thanks to the comedy portion involving Sathish which made the audience laugh frequently. The family scenes and the after-marriage love portions with Samantha were a very big plus point. Whereas, the second half was a big let-down. The 60 minutes length second half looked so lengthy and dragging with too much of drama, predictable scenes and boring clichés. Particularly, the last 30 minutes of the film looked like it was just made for namesake.

People used to celebrate commercial films which shows the sufferings of the hero (who is a middle class guy) and how he rises against all odds in the climax, but that has not worked out perfectly in Thangamagan. The villain characterization is so weak (purposefully) once again, like the Amul Baby in VIP. Scenes like the fight during wife’s delivery time and Arvind’s sudden reforming towards climax looked very outdated. The rain fight scene, forcefully added punch dialogues, another small fight in second half and many other stereotypic additions looked more like ‘Gap fillers’ only to make it a ‘2 hours’ movie. The writing looked so convenient in the second half and the dialogues were very poor; the lengthy dialogue about Tamil language which was shown in the dialogue was made fun by SATHYAM theater audience itself. The abrupt ending in the climax was also a big minus point.

Verdict: A passable entertainer with an engaging first half and below average second half!

Rating – 2.75/5

Review by: Rahman

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