@Tamasha, @Bajirao Mastani & @Dilwale – Movies Review

Watched @Tamasha, @Bajirao Mastani and @Dilwale in the last 10 days, and here is my short review on all the 3 films 🙂

178.Tamasha Review

#Tamasha Movie Review

TAMASHA is a Imtiaz Ali brand love story, and he has been successful in proving his magic once again. TAMASHA deals with the monotonous life and feelings of a man in the corporate world (the protagonist), his love and his search of finding himself.

More than calling #Imtiaz_Ali as a film maker, I would call him a magician. His magical touch makes every film amazing. The characterization of the lead pair, the scenes of their acquaintance, the way they chose to find happiness by not revealing their identities and the arguments between them reminds Imtiaz’s previous films; still, the chemistry and the emotions work big time. Imtiaz Ali did not fail in his process of creating a different world and pulling us into it, infact it was effortless for him.

The cinematography, casting and music are the biggest plus points of TAMASHA, the writing towards climax was too good! Whereas, few scenes in the second half made the film look dragging. Both Ranbir and Deepika has done great justification in their roles respectively. Deepika Padukone is evolving as a very good performer film by film.

Rating – 3.75/5

182.Bajirao Mastani Review

#Bajirao_Mastani – Movie Review

Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s BAJIRAO MASTANI is a historical romance drama film. It is the story of Bajirao, the second hereditary Peshwa of the Maratha Empire (primarily revolving around Peshwa Bajirao and his love for his second wife Mastani).

The film shines as a gem in every department, thanks to the perfect casting and the tehnical brilliance. Whether the music, cinematography, art direction, costumes or any other technical team, everyone has given their fullest. Particularly, the detailing in art direction is breath-taking! The palaces look magnificent with full of fountains and chandeliers, the court, the seraglio, the glass chamber and all other sets takes you to the Maratha empire.

The dialogues were so sharp and impressive (say the dialogue on secularism, the scene where Kashi and Bajirao speaks about Krishna and Rukmani, the conversation between Mastani and her son in the pre-climax scene).

Ranveer Singh is the show-stealer as Peshwa Bajirao! His elegant performance makes you believe that he is Bajirao and the efforts that he has taken to live that role are noteworthy. Priyanka Chopra and Deepika Padukone has delivered equally competent performance in the roles of Kashi and Mastani; Deepika enthralls with another great performance following Piku and Tamasha this year. It is really good to see her in such films rather than films like Happy New Year!

Rating: 3.75/5

Verdict: A Must Watch movie for all Historical movie lovers and people who love to watch intense love subjects!

183.Dilwale Review

#DILWALE  – Movie Review

DIWALE is yet another film full of typical South Indian masala roasted in Rohith Shetty’s flavor!

The film is a very routine masala entertainer which has used the tested template formula of story telling with too much drama, larger than life stunts and silly comedies. You will be able to predict each and every scene in the film and you will be left with lots of questions on logic. Despite all the above said minuses, Rohith Shetty manages to engage the audience with a crowd-pleasing entertainer in his style. The film was far far better than the crap #Chennai_Express in entertainment and all other aspects.

DIWALE relies heavily on the on-screen chemistry of Shah Rukh and Kajol and the romance portion (which actually saves the film from becoming a disaster).  Except the first 20 minutes, the first half was engaging in most parts, whereas  the second half lost its moment with irrelevant scenes and annoying comedy. Pritam’s songs and Amar Mohile’s background score added a lot of strength to the film.

Rohith Shetty continuous to lift ideas / copy scenes directly from Tamil, Telugu movies and old Hindi & English movies seamlessly 😛 (say the plot and many pivotal scenes are heavily inspired from popular South Indian films and the proposal scene of Veer & Ishitha from LOVE ACTUALLY).

Rating – 2.75/5

Verdict – A routine crowd pleaser! Worth a watch, Leave your brains at home 😛


Reviews by: Rahman

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