@CHARLIE – Movie Review

#CHARLIE – this film’s trailer impressed me very much with its visuals & music; I was inspired to watch it in theater after seeing all those positive reviews.

CHARLIE is yet another movie that speaks about ‘Celebration of Life’, where the protagonist’s role is yet another ‘happy go lucky’ guy who spreads joy and seeds positivity in everyone. But still, CHARLIE is so special in its own way!! The director has been very clear on what he was doing / making; every scene, character and dialogue in the film has its purpose.

189.CHARLIE - Movie Review

The writing is so honest and uncompromised, except for one dream song that looked a little unnecessary. The Character sketches, music and cinematography are the biggest plus point of CHARLIE. The character looks very much similar to so many ‘feel-good’ movies that we had seen already, but the detailing in them differentiates it from being Clichéd. The protagonist is not materialistic and he is enjoying his life as it is. His philosophy about Life is what Kani says ‘Life is beyond what we plan, we cannot control anything’. The female lead character Tessa is a freedom-loving girl who does not abide to any restrictions or limitations; if she wants something, she tries to get it somehow herself. She might look boyish in her appearance and for her guts, but she is not. Both these characters remind us of many popular Indian films, and it would have been a joke on-screen if the casting was not good. It is Dulquer Salman and Parvathy’s performance which elevates the film to a different standard; either any overdoing or inadequate emoting would have spoilt the whole show. Not only the lead roles, but the actors who are seen in the characters of Kunjappan, Mary, D’souza, Pathrose, Kani and Teresa add great value to the film and its character’s authenticity.

Initially, it takes quite a time for the film to settle down and for us to get along with the movie. Once we are introduced to Charlie with his story of ‘FIRST NIGHT’, the film sets in perfect pace. There were one or two boredom moments in the second half, but those are to be least worried.

There are many stories in the film that we hear about Charlie through other character. One story is beautiful, one that is funny, other is inspiring and another that puts you into shock.  The thief’s story that begins funnily and ends with a mystery, Kani’s story that is full of distress and regrets, Kunjappan’s story of love that is waiting for decades, the birthday celebration of Mary and the pain that she carries and the reason why Charlie puts an obituary advertisement for himself in the dailies. These stories do not go out of the film’s script anywhere and they are narrated in a brilliant way because we are told about the protagonist here only in the journey of Tessa to find him. The moment we are shown Kunjappan initially, the audience are able to predict what Charlie is going to do for him. We also have question about the need for Kunjappan’s love story being told in this story, but in a scene later where Kani and Charlie are arguing about ‘a love that waits’, Kani’s look at Charlie when Kunjappan shared his feeling justifies the need for this episode perfectly!

The dialogues are too simple and beautiful, all through the film. Say the dialogues that Charlie speaks to Kani about so many things that she is going to miss without seeing / enjoying, the way Charlie describes things and people he see, the solid punch that Charlie delivers to Mary’s husband who is a pimp. Even a small dialogue like ‘She is Kani, not the forbidden one’ looks interesting, because of the characters and apt performances.

Ultimately, the climax that is so beautifully written and filmed is on the top of all!

CHARLIE might look like just another routine movie from the outside, but the emotions and beauty it holds makes it a ‘MUST WATCH’ cinematic experience. The most stunning thing about CHARLIE is that it might make you enjoy even the unexciting, mundane things in your daily life, from now on!

Rating – 3.75 / 5
(This is just a rating for the review… I loved this film so much and my personal rating would go about 4.5/5)

Review by: Rahman

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