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Siva Karthikeyan’s films usually receive a great demand from distributors and very good response from audience in terms of opening. ‘Rajini Murugan’ has released very grandly in 800 screens. The film has released after several postponements, but still the team was able to retain the audience expectation.

Director Ponram has continued his journey exactly where had left it at ‘Varuthapadaatha Vaalibar Sangam’. With Siva Karthikeyan and Soori as the ‘good for nothing’ youngsters, Siva falling in love with a girl and her father who hates him so much, the film has used almost the same template. The difference is that ‘Rajini Murugan’ has focused on family drama, romance and comedy equally rather than just being a ‘rom-com’.

The film has no proper story, it just moves as scenes and most of them are predictable. There are more 5 songs in the film. Despite all these minuses, the film ensures one thing alone – ENTERTAINMENT! The film is equally entertaining as ‘Varuthapadaatha Vaalibar Sangam’. The family scenes might look a little dramatic, but still they are likable in most parts. The dialogues on relationship and NRI relations who does not even come to India for special occasions were too good. Siva Karthikeyan and Soori combination did not fail to give their best once again. The whole theater bursts out in laughter for every 5 minutes! Few dialogues in the film that were shot before 1 year, suits today’s scenarios perfectly (For example, the dialogues such as ‘Nalla area ah paathu veedu katta sonnaa, ellaarum yeri ah paathu katti vechirukaanunga’ and ‘Jallikattu ellaam allowed illa’). The length of the movie and consecutive songs in second half were the minus points.

D.Imman’s songs and background score were one of the biggest plus points of ‘Rajini Murugan’. It is his songs that has pulled so many audience to the theater, next to Siva Karthikeyan’s family audience. Balasubramaniem’s camera work has add lots of colours and richness to Rajini Murugan, with beautiful shots in the streets of Madurai.

Coming to performance, Siva Karthikeyan is emerging as a perfect entertainer making the best use of all his skills and improvising day by day in dance, fights and other areas. Keerthi Suresh comes in a role that is almost same as Sri Divya’s role in VVS, and she looks so pretty all through the film. Raj Kiran as Siva Karthikeyan’s grandfather and Samuthirakani as the baddie has delievered what was expected from them.

Verdict: A perfect festival treat for everyone who is looking for a rib-tickling enrtertainer!

Rating – 3/5




Bala’s films are well-known for showing too-much violence and brutality in order to describe the human pains and the lives of underprivileged and poor people. He has joined hands with his student Sasikumar for the first time ever. This film holds another pride of being the 1000th film of ‘Maestro’ Ilaiyaraja.

‘Thaarai Thappattai’ deals with the lives of troop dancers (folk dancers). The film speaks primarily on the dying art form of troop dancers, their plight, the question on the survival of the artists and their art, how women dancers are seen as prostitutes omly primarily. The intention of Bala to do such a film has been good, but the weak writing and poor execution makes it a very average product.

The film was too slow and was very raw in all aspects. But, that is not a problem when any brutal / violent scenes appear with proper need or justfifcation (as like in Paradesi, Pudhupettai or any other film). But, adding goriness and violence to your film in irrelevant scenes does not make any sense at all. The characterizations are also so weak including Sannasi and Sooraveli. Such a bold girl who gets into a fight with even unknown men, gets surrenderd to her husband saying that she has to get used to it.

Ilaiyaraja’s music is the second hero of the film with great songs and background score. Sasi Kumar, GM Kumar and Varalaskhmi – all 3 actors come in an equally significant role and they have put their heart and soul into it. But all in vain, due to the poor writing. It looked like Bala has made a film combining all his pervious films’ formula and scenes. There were some good ideas here and there; this film could have been a much better product in terms of quality. There was forced goriness and brutality in many scenes in second half, to bring sympathetic feel for the audience. The film was already faltering in the second half, whereas the continuous 2 folk songs and a number of subplots lead to it to be even more sluggish.

Over a point of time in the second half, we get a question if this level of brutality was needed in the film.
Later, towards climax, we get a feel that if there was a need for Bala to make even such film?

Watching such a film for solid 120 minutes, you either get haunted by mental depression or start feeling abnormally sick. Nothing worng if the film has such gruesome if the script demands. But, most of them looked so forcibly added.
Verdict: A colossal disappointment from Director Bala, with high brutality and a poor script. Definitely not for weak hearted people!

Rating – 2/5

Review by: Rahman

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