@Aranmanai2 – Movie Review

After his ‘Horror comedy’ hit Aranmanai in 2014, Sundar.C announced its sequel last year. The film gained good attention due to its ensemble cast including Siddarth, Trisha, Hansika Motwani, Sundar.C, Poonam Bajwa, Soori, Radha Ravi, Manobala, Kovai Sarala and many others. The shoot begun in June 2015 and was wrapped up in September 2015. Does the film provide a quality entertainment worth the ticket price? Read on, to know!

195.Aranmanai 2 - Movie Review

Director Sundar.C who is well-known as a formula filmmaker, has tried to repeat the success formula of Aranmanai once again. He has not been so successful in accomplishing the same; the film merely has a script, and is so formula dependent! Aranmanai 2 has only the same template of scenes, characters and plot but no content at all. That is what happens when a director focuses more on gimmicks alone!

Aranamani 2 starts well (at-least, in an engrossing manner); just 20 minutes in to the film, you feel that things are not right. Over a point of time, you will get the feeling of watching Aranmanai itself once again; everything is just the same till the climax, except the flashback alone (the same problem that we had with Kanchana 2). Aranmanai which released in 2014 itself, was a very average, mediocre entertainer; it had Santhanam’s comedy as a very big highlight. That film even had plagiarism complaints referring to Aayiram Jenmangal and Chandramukhi (a case is still on in the Chennai high court, which was filed by the production team of Aayiram Jenmangal).

The key reason for the success of the first part was the humour content and Sundar.C’s presentation of ‘Horror + Humour + Glamour’ formula. What did not work with this sequel / franchise is that many horror scenes turned humorous due to the poor CG work, the humour scenes were really horrible in some scenes and the glamour scenes had complete objectification of women (the camera’s eyes were at the female actresses’ parts only and the costumes were meant to be exposing only here). The make-up was also a big let-down (whether it is the actors or the artsists who play ghosts 😛 ); most characters had over-doing in make-up even in the indoor scenes and bed-time scenes.

If you ask me about the plus points of the film, there are just 2 plus points in the whole movie. First one is the background score by Hip Hop Thamizhaa which was really good. Second is the 3 heroines ( :/ well, the film has been made and promoted that way); the film is crowded so much in theaters for the 3 glamorous heroines only who make the film watchable for them at-least. Other than these, there are some laughter moments now and then.

The technical team’s work looked so outdated in every other department (or may be they were in a hurry), which made the film look even more underwhelming. The songs are all below average, yet the film has a good BG score. The editing in many scenes looked unfinished and there were notable number of jumps. Cinematography and color grading work was so poor; the day shots that were shown in night effects were so abruptly made and they were irritating literally. There were many other aesthetics of the film that looked so fake reminding you that you are watching a cinema every minute (how do you react when honey is being shown as poison in a pivotal scene, in this era of trendy making?!) The second song that comes when the hero’s father is in coma also looked so unconvincing.

Coming to performance, Siddarth literally had nothing to do in this film; it was just a mere addition in his career, sad to see a good performer so under-utilized. Trisha is also used just a glam-doll, except for the last 30 minutes. In the whole film, it was just Vaibhav and Hansika who had some scope to perform; Vaibhav has delivered what was expected exactly but Hansika spoils it with over-doing in some crucial scenes.

Despite so many minus points listed in this review, this is an out and out commercial venture that has been targeted at mainstream audience who look for a timepass irrespective of the content, Aranmanai 2 might work for that set of audience (partially at-least!)

Verdict: A mere entertainer that is neither interesting nor boring. Skip it or watch it, at your own interest!

Rating – 2.5/5

Review by: Rahman

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