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Bangalore Naatkal – Movie Review

**** No Spoilers ****

197.Bangalore Naatkal - Movie Review

Remakes are never an easy job, that too when it comes to remaking a film that is celebrated as a classic! Most remakes go wrong when the directors fail to understand the uniqueness of the original script which makes it special, or when they do not give their fullest to recreate the film as good as the original. The treatment and making style might differ, but a remake fails to be successful when the emotions or the content does not work as it is expected to be. That is what has happened exactly with Bommarliu Baskar’s Bangalore Naatkal.

First things first, Bangalore Naatkal is not a bad film at all, it is likable in bits and parts! But, it struggles to engross completely. The biggest plus point of the Malayalam version Bangalore Days was the beautiful characters and intense emotions that made us forget that it is a cinema at times; whereas, Bangalore Naatkal keeps on reminding you often that you are in a cinema hall. The performances and sentiments looks just staged, in many crucial scenes!

To be precise, Bhaskar has failed to (or did not want to) go the extra-mile to give it as authentic as the original; instead he has made it as a mediocre entertainer with very convenient making (it looked like the motive was just business and not about recreating a good entertainer, it was just to finish the film within schedules rather than striving for perfection). I literally lost respect on the director seeing so many montage shots used from the original version (the climax racing scene, few shots from the Bangalore song and in the scene where Kutti’s family sells their ancestral house). As a script, the film has no major changes from the original version (except few changes in Arya’s portion alone – the racing portion has been trimmed and few characters have been extended insanely such as the competitive racer).

We also see many dim and unintelligent ideas in this remake such as removing an extra-ordinary scene from the original (a pivotal scene that depicts the bonding between the 3 central characters so beautifully! Read about that beautiful scene at —> https://goo.gl/1FykfF). It was really shocking to see such a significant scene removed, which actually makes us wonder if the direction team did an analysis about the pros and cons of the original script, at least! It was such a convenient filmmaking from a director who gave us a film like ‘Bommarillu’. Am not sure if such a scene was removed to reduce the length than the original version; if it is so, that is a very bad idea seriously. The original version was slow paced and its was running for more than 175 minutes (15 minutes longer than the Tamil version), but still it was completely interesting because the emotions worked perfectly. Whereas the Tamil version was not lively in most places.

Coming to the positive points of Bangalore Naatkal, the film has good dialogues at places. The cinematography and background score were too good, however the songs are below average despite reprising 3 good tunes from the Malayalam version. There were few likable performances too. On casting part, it is Sri divya and Rana daggubatti who has tried their best to justify their roles; seriously, they have TRIED their best! Sri Divya’s kiddish acting looks so fake initially, however she gets into the character eventually. Rana is able to score good equally, since his role is more of underplaying and has very less scenes to be expressive. The character of Arjun (the role which Arya has played) was so special and unique in the Malayalam version, but it has been reduced to a very ordinary role (a very usual role in which we use to see Arya often). Bobby Simha is a complete mismatch, though he tries to get into the shoes of Kutti. His wig and the fake moustache (in most scenes) are annoying to see. Though his character and the funny dilaogues that he utters will be liked by the mass here and there, it is a disappointing cast on the whole. Parvathy who reprises the same role as in Malayalam, has played it well once again (except for the make-up). The only actor who does better than the original version is Saranya Ponvannan. Other actors including Prakash Raj, Samantha and Raai Laxmi have done their part well. The idea of using Tamil subtitles for RJ Sarah’s compering in English was good, but the language and choice of words were pathetic. The dubbing and the scenes of Rekha gives us a feel of watching a bad Tamil serial, which was intense in the original.

Verdict: An average entertainer that is likable in bits and parts. Strictly for people who have not watched the original version!

Rating: 2.5/5

Review by: Rahman

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