@Action_Hero_Biju – Movie Review


‘Action Hero Biju’ is the next film of Nivin Pauly after the blokbucter Premam, which went onto become an industry hit in Malayalam! Naturally, this film created good expectations among the audience from day 1 due to various reasons such as Nivin’s previous hits, his collaboration with Director Abrid Shine after ‘1983’ movie. Action Hero Biju also marks the debut production of Nivin Pauly and this is his first ever Police film.

Action Hero Biju is the story of Sub Inspector Biju Paulose (Nivin Pauly), who is a dedicated police officer committed to solve every case in his jurisdiction with immediate action. The movie is a journey through a number of cases SI Biju has to go through, and thus, it chronicles the routine life of a committed police officer. The film does not have anything called a proper story, but has everything to hold the audience’s attention for the running time of 2 hours. As the film’s caption says, it is ‘A ride with the a Police Officer’. It is an episode from the life of a Sub inspector, a 30 days from his routine schedule, his life and the people around, the different cases that he see everyday, how he manages to solve them tactically, his love with fiancee and so on.

In less than 5 minutes, the film takes you into it; the initial scenes of the introduction of the  characters in Police station and how Biju handles few cases sets a great mood for the film, giving an idea on how the next 2 hours are going to be. It is completely Nivin Pauly’s film and there is not even a single scene in the film without him on-screen. He has just nailed it with a commanding screen presence and roaring performance; he has literally carried the whole film on his shoulder, it is an one-man show! The supporting cast that includes Joju George, Major Ravi, Saiju Kurup, Rohini and Anu Emmanuel has also done a commendable job.

198.Action Hero Biju - Movie Review

Action Hero Biju is full of different cases that the Sub Inspector Biju sees and it is an unconventional commercial cinema, despite being routine at places. (This might not be a recommendable choice for people who look for a film that progresses towards the plot points.) The film has the right amount of emotions and humour blended in the script, which keeps it engaging all-through. The scene where Biju takes action on the case where a kid is bitten by a dog, will give you goosebumps for sure! The cases of the menacing drunkard, the auto driver’s affair and the scene where the gambling gang is arrested are all providing the much needed humour relief, whereas the cases of the suicide attempt, drug seizing, a theft by a housemaid and the case of a man’s wife eloping are all so emotionally touching!

The lag in the second half, repetitiveness here and there and the average songs (except one instantly likable song) are the minus points which are ignorable to a certain extent. The dialogues, cinematography, art direction, stunt sequences and sound design works are quite impressively done.

Verdict: A delightful commercial cinema with right amount of emotions & humour! A delightful watch for anyone wholooks for a different cinema. Might not be everyone’s cup of tea!

P.S: Watching such a film that shows how cops should be is so heartwarming, after watching a hard-hitting film like Visaaranai recently which shows the true colours of some of our cops! This is one film that inspires you a lot, and regret if you could have even chose ‘Public Service’ as your career.


Review by: Rahman

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