Sethupathi – Movie Review

203.Sethupathi - Movie Review 01

After his impressive debut in ‘Pannaiyaarum Padminiyum’ in 2014, Director S.U.Arun Kumar is back with his second film in which Vijay Sethupathy plays a cop role for the first time.

Arun Kumar tells the audience what type of film SETHUPATHI is in the title song itself, where we see a tribute to all dedicated and sincere police officers. It is Vijay Sethupathi’s show all the way; his commanding screen presence carries the film all-through. He has given such a likeable performance as a honest cop and a loving dad and husband. Whether it is the stunt sequences or romance portions or the post interval scene or the scene where he says ‘Moorthi, avanungalai moraikka venaam nu sollu, he scores in distinction. The background score and cinematography work was too good.

203.Sethupathi - Movie Review 03

There are many mass moments in the film, and many of them work very well! The film has an interesting first half, but a very average second half. The second half becomes so usual, with an unimpressive ‘Good vs Evil’ play which reminds us of many other popular Police movies. There were good moments here and there in the second half, but due to the draggy and slow paced screenplay, everything looked so conventional. We could not avoid feeling that the director got stuck in writing, and he had to make some compromises. Also, the director seemed to be a lot confused between the lines of choosing the commercial route or sticking to the reality part.

There were few other problems such as the overdone ‘Pondaatti’ romance, few repetitive scenes, the very usual and uninteresting characterization of VAATHIYAAR character and a clichéd ‘Cat & Mouse’ game in the second half. However, the film was not a disappointing watch. The film does entertains, and is definitely worth a watch!

Verdict: A worthy entertainer with an interesting first half and a very average second half!

Rating: 3/5

203.Miruthan - Rahman Review-

Miruthan – Movie Review

First things first! Director Sakthi Soundararajan has already created a signature style for himself, by doing ‘first-of-its-kind’ genre films in Tamil cinema. But, the problem is his half-baked uninteresting scripts that fail big-time in execution. Whether it is the ‘First ever full-length bank robbery film’ Naanayam or the ‘First doggy film’ Naaigal Jaakirathai, both were partly enjoyable only due to mediocre writing (which were also criticized for heavy reference from Hollywood films). Now, the History has repeated itself for the ‘First ever zombie film’ too!

Let me talk about the good / likable things in MIRUTHAN first. Hollywood and Japanese film industry has been making Zombie movies since so many decades. Mirudhan is not for those people who knows what is a Zombie; their target audience are people who does not watch films out of Tamil cinema. This film will be a hit at the box office for sure and it will have good response among people who does not watch Hollywood films. The way Sakthi Soundararajan introduces to Tamil audience is impressive (the scene where Jayam Ravi sees a Zombie for the first time); he sets a fear factor for the audience and gears ahead with the following scenes (but, that does not work for a longtime unfortunately). Another likable factor is how Sakthi Soundararajan has blended some emotions into the script (though few becomes too dramatic). MIRUDHAN has references from many zombie films in Hollywood and the plot reminds us of the Zombie filled Racoon city from ‘Resident Evil Part 2’ and there are some other scenes and characters touches inspired from other films.

The biggest plus point of MIRUTHAN is the lead actor Jayam ravi, who is getting better film by film. He does his best in emoting, with a measured performance effortlessly. The make-up team and VFX team must be appreciated for trying to give the Zombie feel believably. The background score is good in few scenes and is too loud and annoying in most scenes.

203.Miruthan - Movie Review

Where Sakthi Soundararajan fails to deliver a completely engaging entertainer is with a convenient writing that has too many logical lags and problem towards believability. Whether it is the below average interval twist (when we expect something great to happen, the hero drives off the zombies just like that), the insane logic of anti-biotic cure found from the hero’s sister’s blood (‘aiyo rama’ moment) and the guns used by Traffic Police Karthik which never runs out of bullets.The biggest idea in this film that the director could think of is using water to make the zombies run away :/

Sakthi Soundararajan’s idea of giving a film short and crispier (that runs for less than 1 hours 50 minutes) is fine, but he does not justifies the running time by spending (wasting, I should say!?) more than 25 minutes not getting into the plot. Too much of comedy in serious scenes spoil the horror factor in most scenes. Too many sub plots in this 2 hours film such as the hero’s one-side love, the selfish fiancée, the sister and brother sentiment and few other things mess up the feeling of the core plot.

However, irrespective of whatever is said in this review, this film is going to be a hit since most of our people are new to the term ‘Zombie’. MIRUDHAN is recommendable for people who have not watched Hollywood Zombie films; it will be a different experience definitely. For others, this will be a disappointing / very average commercial film.

Verdict: Not so impressive ‘first ever’ zombie movie. Only for people who have not watched any Zombie movies earlier!

Rating: 2.75/5

Review by: Rahman

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