@Vil_Ambu – Movie Review

204.Vil Ambu - Movie Review

‘Vil Ambu’ says that even a small action that we do affects someone else’s life directly or indirectly. The film is about two youngsters who stay in the same locale for so many years but does not know each other; their deeds indirectly affects each others and lands both of them in troubles that puts their life in danger. How do they manage to escape from those problems form the crux.

Debutant Ramesh Subramanian has got a very good and novel idea that could have been made as a great entertainer. But, it has become a very average film due to the flat screenplay that does not have any interesting twists and turns. For such a type of story, the series of events that happen should have looked accidental, but the too much of coincidents and the intersecting events makes it so uninteresting over a point of time. There are few scenes that looked so fake such as the interval block where Arul gets caught for a crime that he did not do and a lot other scenes look fake where a criminal gets killed when he is chased by Arul (Arul could have caught him red-handed at the police station itself). Things which could have been told so shortly in a crispier manner, were elaborated too much with no needs at all.

On the brighter part, the film has got some convincing performances. After ‘Poriyaalan’, Harish Kalyan has done a commendable job in the role given; he fits in perfectly as an innocent, helpless youngster. Shree who was so impressive in films like Vazhakku En 18/9 and Onaayum Aattukuttiyum, has given a disappointing performance; his acting looks so artificial in many scenes, giving us a feeling if he is so ‘camera conscious’. Yogi Babu’s presence is a major plus point for Vil Ambu, where his portion evokes laughter very often and provides the much needed humour relief. Srushti Dange has nothing much to do or perform, whereas Samskruthy and Chandini comes in a meaty role justifying their part decently.

Vil Ambu could have been much better with a good writing, that could have hold the attention of the audience for 2+ hours. The film gains momentum here and there, but that does falls short immediately. The last 20 minutes is the savior of Vil Ambu.

Verdict: A meager entertainer with a novel idea, which is let down by a flat screenplay!

Rating: 2.5/5

Review by: Rahman


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