@PuthiyaNiyamam & @MaheshintePrathikaaram – Movie Review

201. Puthiya Niyamam  - Movie Review

Puthiya Niyamam – Movie Review

‘Puthiya Niyamam’ is the story of Louis Pothen (Mammootty), who is an all rounder. He is a divorce lawyer, he participates in live TV channel debates on various topics, and he is a film critic too. His wife Vasuki Iyer (Nayantara) is a Kathakali artist, and together with his school-going daughter, they live in a city highrise. The story further focuses on an incident that sort of transformed the lively Vasuki into an introvert. What follows is a dramatic exploration of Vasuki‘s recent past and how she gets over it.

Director A.K.Sajan has attempted to make a film that speaks about the safety for women and the innocent house-wives, with a lot of insights on how endangered our society is. The film tells a point strongly that Sex abusement does not refer touch or words alone, even a glance can be.

Such a big star like Mammootty must be appreciated for taking up the lead role in a film that is heroine-centric, understanding the intensity of the plot; he has delivered a rocking performance as usual. Nayanthara is the actual hero of this film and the whole script revolves around her; a bow to her for taking this role boldly without giving a second thought. It is one of her career-best performances where she impresses in every other scene.

The film begins with the character establishments and moves so suspiciously around Vasuki’s character raising a lot of questions such as ‘What has happened to her?’ ‘What has she done?’, the audience are left thinking about it till the interval. The second half unfolds the whole story and we have an interesting twist towards the climax.

The problem with Puthiya Niyamam is that we have the film starting only at the interval, and there are many boredom moments until then. Except for some reasons, most of the scenes that involve the divorce cases that Louis handle and the film reviews that he does looks like gap-fillers. His jokes and philosophies which are all enjoyable are getting overdone and bored over a point of time. The film reminds few other popular Malayalam thrillers on same line such as Drishyam, 22 Female Kottayam and Chinthamani Kolacase. Another important thing is that the audience leave the cinema hall with many unanswered questions, seeing some logical lags. Gopi Sunder’s background is impressive, except for being repetitive.

Despite the boring moments, Puthiya Niyamam is definitely watchable for its noble plot, the lead pair Mammooty and Nayanthara’s acting and the climax twist that saves the film!

Verdict: A decent thriller that is watchable for the lead performances and the engrossing second half; Highly recommendable for Women!

Rating: 3.25/5

202. Maheshinte Prathikaaram - Movie Review

Maheshinte Prathikaaram – Movie Review

Mahesh Bhavana (Fahadh Faasil) owns a studio in Idukki. His father was a photographer and Mahesh does this usual wedding and funeral photography. A seemingly trivial incident thrown into various events leads Mahesh into a fight with some strangers. He then takes a pledge that he will wear his slippers only after he fights back. The movie then revolves around various humorous events leading to this seemingly sweet revenge.

Maheshinte Prathikaaram which begins so impressively with a beautiful song that introduces the protagonist, his town and people to us. The following few scenes look average and uninteresting (still the director has a reason for every scene, which we can realize in the second half – say the hero’s father’s love for photography), but gets better in writing post 30 minutes and then it is all beautiful.

Debutant Dileesh Pothan has got a great style for himself in direction and narrating his story. Few scenes such as the death of the guy who tries to pluck jackfruit, a crucial scene in the film where a series of events lead to a fight, the scene where Mahesh looks at Soumya’s wedding from a distant place, the romance scenes with Jimsy, the climax and the quirky humours such as the transformation of Congratulation poster to a Condolence poster, the chats in the funeral house, the scene where a character says the other not to move to avoid a wicket in the cricket match they are watching and many other scenes says evidently that Dileesh is a brilliant writer and director.

Fahadh Faasil – what an extra-ordinary actor he is! It is so delightful to see him in such a role that has everything for him to prove once again that he is one of the best actors in South India. The way he carries the character Mahesh and his expressions in simplest scenes are also awesome. Songs are instantly likable and they are a very big plus point for Maheshinte Prathikaaram.

On the whole, Maheshinte Prathikaaram is a strikingly made film that moves by its characters and their actions, progressing rightly towards the plot. The director has set it all right in every other department such as a very apt casting, a technical team that has given its best (cinematography and music was top notch); the dialogues were too good such as the scene where Baby Chetta requests Mahesh to wear his chappals again, but the reply from Mahesh is ‘I have only one father, Baby Chetta’.

Verdict: A well-made comedy drama that is thoroughly enjoyable!

Rating: 3.75/5

Review by: Rahman

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