@Pichaikaaran – Movie Review

Director Sasi who is well-known for delivering unique entertainers like Sollaamale, Roja Koottam, Poo and 555 has joined hands with Vijay Antony to give another entertainer in his signature style.

Pichaikaaran’ is the story of an affectionate son, who is ready to go to any extent to save his mother’s life. The film has a wafer-thin story line, which has been well-backed up by an interesting screenplay. The one-line of this film might look too simple or odd, but it wins in the execution.

Vijay Antony is becoming a wise producer and actor; he knows himself very well on what suits him and chooses scripts where he fits in perfectly. He has a good knowledge on the audience’s pulse, thereby chosing roles that are much relatable for a common man in all his films (a poor fellow who is pushed by circumstances to impersonate someone else, a honest & soft-spoken doctor who turns violent by the acts of the society and people around, an affectionate son for whom his mother means the world).

Director Sasi’s different take on ‘beggars’ and ‘under-priviliged’ people is so interesting (scenes such as where the protagonist handles an AUDI car owner is an example); Sasi has weaved in humour brilliantly in many scenes without disturbing the story’s flow or seriousness anywhere. The dialogues were too good; few to mention are ‘Ungalukku ellaam oru naal’ngrathu oru naal dhan… avangalukku adhu moonu velai’, ‘Avanga podura 1 roobaikku, namma 2 kannum irukka koodaathu nu nenaippaanga’, the climax dialogue ‘Naan pichaikaaranaa irundhappo, oru naal kuda vetkapadala… aanaa, ippo asignamaa irukku’. The climax dialogue where the hero’s mother speaks about beggar was like, as if it was written for the audience.

The film has its own minuses with some filmy characters such as the Protagonist’s uncle, few unrealistic stunts, some over done heroic build-ups and boredom moments here and there. But, the well-written emotional scenes and fun moments that makes ‘Pichaikaaran’ a winner.

Verdict: An emotional drama with right amount of masala additions, that works in most portions!

Rating: 3.25/5

Review by: Rahman

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