@PokkiriRaja – Movie Review

After the impressive debut ‘Thamizhukku En Ondrai Azhuthavum’, Director Ram Prakash Rayappa is back with his second film ‘Pokkiri Raja’ – a fantasy comedy film. The film revolves around the protagonist’s continuous & transmittable yawning problem, which brings him so many problems.  Looks like an interesting plot, right? But, is is not actually. 😦

Pokkiri Raja is a film that is neither completely serious nor completely funny, we are not sure if Ram Prakash made the film such way intentionally. The first half has got literally nothing; just five minutes into the film where the hero describes his story to a doctor, we feel that things are wrong. Towards the mid of second half, there are some hilariously rib-tickling scenes (say the scene where Sibiraj’s henchmen dance for ‘Vaseegara’ song), but they are too little to hold you for 140 minutes. The combo of Yogi Babu, Manobala and Ramdoss share some good humour here and there. Apart from these, there is no other magic that could save this film from becoming a disaster. Jiiva yawns for about 100 times in this film, and we are in a position to give a very tight competition to him! :/

Pokkiri Raja - Movie Review1

Not sure on what basis Jiiva chose such a script, that did not have any importance or scope to perform at all. There isn’t anything to tell about Hansika or Sibiraj’s performance really; Sibiraj has wasted yet another role in his career which could have been interesting to an extent.

It is sad to see a director like Ram Prakash Rayappa giving a routine entertainer with 4 or 5 songs and usual stuffs with a very weak screenplay (who was much praised for a refeshing screenplay in his debut film). Even the dialogues were too old and boring (say ‘Niyaayam dharmam paaka naan onnum hero illa, villain’)

Rating: 2/5

Review by: Rahman

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