@KadhalumKadandhuPogum – Movie Review

After the trend-setting dark comedy heist movie ‘Soodhu Kavvum’ which went onto became a blockbuster, the combination of Nalan Kumarasamy & Vijay Sethupathi has joined hands again in ‘Kadhalum Kadandhu Pogum’, an official remake of the Korean movie ‘My Dear Desperado’. The expectations for this film were sky-rocketing due to the hit combination and various other reasons. Has the film lived up to the expectations? Read on, to know!

First things first! Director Nalan Kumarasamy has been wise enough to make a film that is in no way resembling his first film, understanding very well that there will be comparison with his impressive debut. After a path-breaking dark comedy movie like ‘Soodhu Kavvum’, he has chosen to do an urban centric rom-com (which has its share of dark humour too)

Kadhalum Kadandhu Pogum’ is a story that revolves primarily around the acquaintance and friendship between a middle class IT girl and a henchmen who lives next door. What makes Ka Ka Po different from other ROM-COM is its soulfulness and the characters & performances which do not look staged anywhere. We have seen an ‘n’ number of stories in the same line, but Ka Ka Po is presented in a likable template despite its predictability. In all means, Ka Ka Po is a much better remake than its original (My Dear Desperado); Nalan has enriched the film in every other way possible! In fact, I wondered why Nalan did chose to remake a film like ‘My Dear Desperado’ which looked like a routine ROM-COM, but he has justified it very reasonably with his work. Also, we have not seen any good film in the recent time that speaks about the friendship of the two lead characters in such a lovely manner.

Kadhalum Kadandhu Pogum – Movie Review

The first half takes its own sweet time to settle down after the character establishments and depicting their motives; the interval is placed at a perfect scene. The second half begins so well and there is no stopping then, until we see a few hiccups in the pre-climax portion. The film is little slow paced, but that isn’t a worrying factor; the only minus point is the faltering play towards climax. The writing is spotless and the characterizations are so solid (say the innocent and honest Kathir who is always rightful, the impulsive & worried Yazhini); Nalan Kumarasamy is at his best in dialogues which will make you laugh out in too many scenes. It is Nalan’s direction which has made an ordinary plot, an extra-ordinary movie!

Nalan’s style of quirky humour and directorial touches are seen all through the film (The mobile contact that says ‘Broker No.6’, the scene where Vijay Sethupathi walks out of the bar beaten up are few examples). Even though his first film was of comedy genre, it spoke about some of the issues in our society seriously and sarcastically; the same we can see in Ka Ka Po too 🙂 (the unemployment issue in various scenes and dialogues, the ‘mokka college and good students’ logic, the super market scene, etc.,) Nalan has done several minute changes to this remake script which makes it much suitable for our audience; there are some small changes in dialogues, backdrop and plot which makes a huge difference actually. Ka Ka Po has also been a film that speaks visually in most portions, which shows the director’s style so outstandingly (say the picturisation of songs like ‘Ka Ka Po’, ‘Akkam Pakkam’ and scenes such as where Yazhini puts her ID card into beach sand once she loses her job. there are some pivotal scenes that passes by with no dialogues say the interval scene where Yazhini takes her first selfie with Kathir, the scene where Yazhini hugs him near the temple pond, the climax shot).  

Coming to performance, it is Vijay Sethupathi’s show all the way! He is incredibly terrific and has nailed it matchlessly; you can never ever think of any other actor in this role. Though the character traits and dialogue delivery might remind his performances from ‘Idharkuthaane Aasaipattaai Balakumara’ and ‘Naanum Rowdy Dhan’, this is one of his career-best performances, which he has pulled off so effortlessly. Madonna Sebastian is seen in the role of Yazhini which has equal importance as the hero, in which she has done complete justification (it is she, who owns the first half completely). With a flawless performance, she has made it a very impressive and memorable debut; thanks to her dubbing artist who made Yazhini look even more beautiful. Samuthirakani comes in a small yet prominent role; every other supporting actors including Kiran, Suresh and others have done their best. Santhosh Narayanan’s songs are not in his usual standards, but he does elevate the scene’s mood to a different level with his captivating background score. For a film that happens with 2 central characters within an apartment alone in most scenes, the cinematographer has got a lot of significance in making it even more engrossing and Dinesh Krishnan has contributed a lot for it. Leo John Paul’s editing and SOUND FACTOR’s sound designing was phenomenal too.

Rating: 3.5/5

Verdict: A superbly written & well-directed ROM-COM, with some outstanding performances!

Review by: Rahman

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