@Kshanam – Movie Review

Kshanam’ is a Telugu suspense thriller film, directed by debutant Ravikanth Perepu with Adivi Sesh and Adah Sharma in lead roles; the film has opened to raving reviews from both the audience and critics right from the day of its release.

Rishi (Adivi Sesh), a workaholic NRI from USA receives a call from his worried Ex-girlfriend Swetha (Adah Sharma). He goes to India, meets Swetha there and learns that her daughter, Riya has been kidnapped and wants Rishi to find her. When the police fail to unravel the mystery, Rishi takes up the responsibility of investigating the case. Rishi tries to find clues, but bizarrely every clue leads to a dead end where he finds out that the daughter never existed. But, there is much more than what he has assumed. The story revolves around who Riya is!

First things first! Kshanam is not the regular type of Telugu cinema that we use to see. It is a film that stands out of dozens of ‘run of the mill’ entertainers that release every month in Tollywood; Kshanam is a faultlessly written and well-directed thriller that does not stick to or gets caught into the usual commercial formula of mainstream Telugu cinema. The film breaks all the routine practices of Telugu cinema such as five songs and three fights, and goes with only what the script demands! Kshanam is indeed a breath of fresh air to Tollywood, which would encourage a lot more honest attempts.

The success of a thriller movie lies in getting hold of the audience till the end and not letting them go ahead of the screenplay, Ravikanth Perepu succeeds completely in that. The film takes off slowly, and gains momentum once Rishi starts his investigation. The romance portion is narrated in flashback cuts now and then briefly, which has been placed very well. There are no deviating songs or unnecessary emotional drama which has actually helped in maintaining the tempo till the end. The interval block is breath-taking and it creates great expectations over the second half. The second half is completely gripping with good twists and turns, and keeps us guessing till the climax. The taut screenplay by Adivi Sesh and Ravikanth Perepu has been the biggest plus point!

218.Kshanam – Movie Review

Though the film is made in a very small budget, the rich visuals and technical values makes it a brilliant movie. The well-planned production design has made it look like a high budget movie, credits to the team work 🙂 The classy cinematography by Shaneil has been a rich asset for Kshanam and the thumping background by Sricharan Pakala helps a lot in contributing to the ‘thrill factor’.

Adivi Sesh has done an excellent job in the lead role, it is him who carries the whole film in his shoulders. Apart from doing the lead role, Adivi has also taken care of the story and screenplay (y) Adah Sharma has done a commendable job, in a role that has ample scope to perform and emote. Satyam Rajesh and Anasuya Bharadwaj has done their part decently.

Rating: 3.75/5

P.S: Kshanam is running in most parts of Tamilnadu including Chennai, Madurai and Coimbatore with English subtitles.

Review by: Rahman

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