@SAWAARI & @PUGAZH – Short Reviews

#Sawaari Review


First things, first! Psycho thrillers being a rarity in our industry, a very big garland to debut director Guhan Senniappan for attempting this genre very honestly (we have few directors in the industry who make run-of-the-mill films in untouched genres, without doing right justice).

The film has no songs, no unnecessary romance portion or anything needless that deviates the film from its core plot. The film primary revolves around three characters – an innocent car driver who has to deliver a car from Chennai to Nellore, a psychopath killer and an assistant commissioner who tries to find and kill him. Being a thriller movie, the director tries to make an impressive show in the budget given (80% of the film happens inside a car itself). The scenes are simple and the director has played it low / subtle within the plot & its scope. The dark comedy has worked out very well (especially the lines uttered by the driver character), except few forced humour.

TM Karthik steals the show appearing in a crucial role, delivering what was needed exactly. The director must be appreciated for not choosing a popular actor for this role and avoiding making it stereotypic. Karthik Yogi as the driver provides the much needed comic relief; hope he will be seen in many more films shortly. Benito Franklin as the young cop looks convincing in few scenes, and less confident in some other scenes. The music, cinematography and editing has been a big asset for Sawaari. The aerial shots by Chezhian and the striking background score by Vishal Chandrasekhar elevates the thrill factor.

Overall, ‘Sawaari’ is a simple thriller that has its own ‘Edge-of-the-Seat’ moments, despite few flaws and bore moments. Worth a watch!

Rating – 3/5

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#Pugazh Review

After his first film ‘Udhayam NH4’, director Manimaran is back with his second film ‘Pugazh’ starring Jai. It is a film on local politics; if it was a Wall for ‘Madras’, it is a Playground for ‘Pugazh’.

The first half of the film is pretty engaging with a perfect package of comedy, romance and action; the election scenes and the political scenario of a small town has been depicted well in a very appealing manner. The second half is where the problem begins; the screenplay falls flat with some otiose moments here and there. In particular, the last 30 minutes is a big let-down where the film is just wandering; the film turns ‘larger than life’ suddenly with a massive / heroic that does not fit at all.

The biggest plus points of Pugazh are its likable first half, RJ Balaji’s comedy, the romance portion that is cute to an extent and the music. Jai has done complete justification in the role of Pugazh. He is one actor who has all potential to become a great entertainer. All his recent films have an interesting plot (Naveena Saraswathi Sabatham, Vadacurry, Thirumanam Enum Nikkah and Valiyavan); but they failed at the box office because they were not good as a complete script or they did not succeed in the translation of script to celluloid. Actor Jai needs to be little more careful in this aspect. Surbhi comes in a small role and does not have much scope to perform, but is looking too pretty all-through the film.

Every single dialogue that RJ Balaji speaks get a lot of applause and whistles at the theatre; he lits up the laughter cracker now and then. Karunaas has done a great job as Jai’s brother; he is emerging as superb character artist these days. Marimuthu, Ananth Ram, Rajani, Piraisoodan and every other actor has given their best.

Over all, Pugazh is a political drama that is neither great nor poor; it could have been a lot better. A decent entertainer on the whole!

Rating – 2.75/5

Review by: Rahman

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