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Thozha is a bilingual film directed by Vamsi Paidipally, which is the official remake of the French film ‘The Intouchables’ (2011). Produced by Prasad V Potluri in both Telugu and Tamil languages, the film features Nagarjuna Akkineni and Karthi playing the male leads (Initially, Junior NTR was roped in for the role which Karthi has played, but he walked out of the project due to unknown reasons and it was rumoured that he walked out just to not hurt Balakrishna who had differences with Nagarjuna in the past) while Tamannaah plays the female lead. Gopi Sunder has composed the film’s music. How good is the film? Read on, to know!

Cheenu (Karthi) who has just released from jail in parole condition, gets hired as the caretaker of Vikramaditya (Nagarjuna Akkineni), a quadriplegic millionaire. ‘Thozha’ revolves around these two central characters Cheenu and Vikram who have contrasting ideas about life, where the former says that “If abundant wealth is there, anything is possible” and the latter says “Money cannot buy all the happiness in this world”.

Thozha’ is a very honest remake of ’The Intouchables’, which sticks to the original at most places. There are some interesting changes made to suit our audience; there are some betterments with nativity touches. Right amount of melodrama and emotional flavour has been added to make it commercially viable among the South Indian cinema-goers (there are some boring commercial additions too).

The film starts with uninteresting moments in the flashback initially, and the pace sets right once the central characters meet each other. The casting has been the biggest plus point of Thozha, thanks to the lively performance of Karthi and the emotionally touching acting by Nagarjuna (Karthi’s looks alone could have been handled well, where he does not look like an impostor from a lower middle class family but looks like a Software Engineer from an affluent family). It has been the sole responsibility of these two actors to make this film what it is now, which they have done in a very convincing manner. Tamannah does not have anything much to emote, but she comes in a role that is more than a mere addition. She looks so gorgeous in every frame, and she was not seen such ravishingly in any films in the recent time. Prakash Raj appears in a significant role and he has just nailed it! Other actors such as Vivekh, Jayasudha, Adivi Sesh and Kalpana have done their part rightly. Thozha has two beautiful cameo appearances done by Anushka and Shriya Saran, who make the film even more special 🙂

219.Thozha – Movie Review.jpg

Dialogues by Raju Murugan were simple and pertinent (Manushan pora idathukkellaam, Manasu pogaathu). The background score by Gopi Sunder and the outstanding cinematography by P.S.Vinod were so contributively value adding to this script and its narration. For such feel-good entertainers, the songs needs to be pillar-strong to make it even more memorable and impactful; but, the songs in Thozha are very average and has been a big let-down (except the last song ‘Nagarum’).

Thozha has a lot of cinematic and melodramatic moments, but that has been a plus point since it has worked out very well. It is a perfect Telugu cinema style family drama / emotional drama, which we use to see in films like Aadavari Matalaku Ardhale Verule, Nuvvostanante Nenoddantana, Amma Nanna O Tamil Ammayi, Konchem Ishtam Konchem Kashtam. The film has been an unspoiled blend of emotional and comical moments. If there are any serious instants, those are not let stay for a long time followed by a good humour immediately (there are some forced humour scenes also which fails to excite, including a scene that has double meaning dialogues which wasn’t funny at all). Coming to the emotional part, there are few scenes that look staged / fake. The philosophies and advice on life and money also looks a bit overcooked, after a point of time. The pre-interval item song was a needlessly added speed-breaker.

Despite all these minuses and pluses, you will have a fulfilment of watching a decent entertainer while leaving the cinema hall after watching Thozha. It is a feel-good film that is worth your money and time.

Rating: 3.5/5

Review by: Rahman

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