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KALI is a film that revolves around Siddarth (Dulquer Salman), a youngster who loses his temper very easily, which makes his daily life so problematic and restless. The film is all about Siddarth and his worried wife Anjali (Sai Pallavi) who tries to make him act and react normal towards the society.

KALI has a storyline that is as thin as a wafer; but it has been made as a good entertainer that runs for 2 hours by the writing, music and performances. The characterization of the short-tempered Siddarth is so fresh and interesting. Just a ringtone or his wife’s playful way of eating chips can also make him go mad; being a bank officer, he finds it too hard to handle his customers too.

The film has everything rightly done for its story, making it a crispy entertainer. Even the 2 songs were very well placed; one shows the love life of Siddarth, Anjali and the other showing the days of Siddarth trying to be cool. Music by Gopi Sundar, the unspoiled direction by Sameer Thahir, the comprehensive performances and the sound designing by SOUND FACTOR were all the biggest strength of KALI. It is one of the best performances in Dulquer’s career, which he has pulled off so effortlessly. Sai Pallavi who had a lot of pressure to prove herself after the magical ‘Malar teacher’ role, has done a distinctive job in the role of Anjali. Dulquer Salman and Sai Pallavi share a superb on-screen chemistry, which is so lovely to watch. I did not have any major issues with this film, except one thing that the second half was too short.

221.KALI – Rahman Review2.jpeg

I heard few people saying that the second half was average. But, I felt that the second half has been made very justifiably to the plot (though it was little dragging and deals with a single incident alone), where Siddarth realizes the consequences of his anger. May be, few people did not like the sudden & contrasting transition of a colourful ‘feel-good’ mode to a dark ‘thriller’ genre. The screenplay tension in the second half was built seamlessly. The end shot was a killer! It added more sense to the film’s title KALI (meaning: ANGER) which meant like telling ‘Show your anger, when you really need to!

: 3.5/5

Verdict: A wafer-thin storyline made as an intense entertainer! Worth a watch.

Review by: Rahman

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