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‘Ki & Ka’ follows Kia & Kabir (Arjun & Kareena Kapoor), a young married couple contradicting the gender roles placed upon women and men in Indian society.

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First things, first! It is so delightful to see Director Balki coming up with such interesting and completely unique plots in all of his films; infact, it gives the viewers a fascinating experience  – a rom-com with the lead pair having extreme age differences; the girl loves a man who is even older than her dad (Cheeni Kum), a dramedy based on a child’s rare genetic condition (Paa), the ego clash (which does not let them go so far) between a mute actor and the one who lends his majestic voice (Shamitabh). Now, we have a film where the man likes to stay at home, be the caretaker and the woman excels in her career and is the bread-winner for the family!

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As like his other films, Balki scores distinctively in those scenes where the plot is introduced to us and the characters are established. Also, Balki offers us what he is best at, there is plenty of humour all-through the film 🙂 The first half was highly entertaining and it was too fast that we feel like the interval point arrived so soon! The initial post-interval scenes takes a dip with some uninteresting clichés (where Kabir finds a way to make money in his leisure time), but it gets back in track once the play of ego and jealousy starts between Ki & Ka (these scenes reminded the second half of Shamitabh to an extent). The second half is more lovable for those scenes where the plot takes it stand on gender reversal issues! The only problem that I felt with this film was that the over-done drama (too much, actually!) in few scenes in the second half (such as the scene where Kia boards in the same Chandigarh flight, in which Kabir flies… however, it ends lovably) and one of the song in the second half could have been avoided which did not add any value. It is undeniable that we feel that the film is moving episode by episode, but still the flow is perfect; there are clichés, but those are finely presented.

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For such a film, the characterization and dialogues needs to be at its best; Balki has done it blamelessly. In the very first scene, we get to know how ambitious girl Kia is (she does not want to be just a pillar)! The restaurant scene tells what it means for Kabir to become a homemaker and how he is inspired by his mother; being a housewife means so artistic to him. The way he redesigns his house, his ideas on life and money, everything makes his character special! The film has a very different take on male chauvinism and feminism too! The dialogues in the film are so precisely and beautifully written – all the initial conversations between Ki & Ka in the restaurant & bar and the scene where Kabir proposes does not fail to put a smile on your face. Every other intense conversations in the second half that is about the gender issues is so thought-provoking and praiseworthy (the interview scene, the conversation between Kabir & Kia in the car, the conversation between Kia & her mom at the hospital). Even a small dialogue that says about a child following their father or mother’s footsetps is referred to Indira Gandhi and Sonia Gandhi 😀 There are too many bold dialogues such as ‘There is no law that the bras should not go to work and the beard should not cook’, which makes the film even more attractive. And, Balki ends the film with a dialogue that mocks the narrow-minded society with an ‘underwear check’ 😀

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Coming to performance, it is Kareena Kapoor who is the hero of this film; she has done a fabulous job (especially, in the second half). Arjun Kapoor looks attractive and his performance does not look unconvincing anywhere; Arjun must be lauded for choosing experimental roles and wide variety of scripts always! Swaroop Sampat as Kia’s mom was too good. We also have a terrific cameo done by Amitabh and Jaya Bachchan, which is one of the special moments of ‘Ki & Ka’. Songs by Ilaiyaraaja, Mithoon and Meet Bros Anjjan were somewhere between ‘average’ to ‘above average’; however, the background score by Ilaiyaraaja was seamlessly done.
Rating: 3.5/5

Verdict: A sensible & beautiful entertainer with a novel & noble plot!

P.S: English subtitles available on all days in many theaters in Chennai for this movie 🙂

Review by: Rahman

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