@FAN – Movie Review

#FAN directed by Maneesh Sharma, tells the story of an obsessive fan of a Super Star.

Gaurav Chandna (Shah Rukh Khan) is a middle class Delhi boy, who is a look alike and die-hard fan of Bollywood superstar Aryan Khanna (also Shah Rukh Khan). For Gaurav, Aryan Khanna means God. The film revolves around the plot ‘What if your biggest fan, becomes your biggest enemy?

First things first! It is so glad to see SRK the excellent performer, back on screen almost after a decade!! The actor whom we adored in films like CHAK DE INDIA and SWADES, and not the businessman whose primary goal was to market his crap films such as HAPPY NEW YEAR, CHENNAI EXPRESS and DILWALE widely. SRK has just nailed it, in both the protagonist and antagonist roles! It is an out and out SRK film.

Not just being a thriller, FAN focuses on many other things such as the human side of a super star, the double faced fans, the hatred poured by fans in social media sites on their favourite actor’s rivals, the obsession that today’s youngsters have on cinema and stars!

FAN will be definitely loved by SRK’s fans, since it has a number of references to Khan’s early in life in Delhi, and the references of dialogues and music of Khan’s most popular films and songs all through.

The first half of FAN is impeccably written with detailed character establishments and setting a perfect midpoint for the second half. But, disappointingly the second half is faltering, with so much of unbelievable and illogical sequences. The way the characters react / behave is so unconvincing. I literally felt like watching two different films, before and after the interval block. The long, boring and tiresome action scenes could have also been trimmed a little. Despite the irrationality, there are some bright moments here and there (such as the pre-climax portion) which makes you sit through. If the second half had been tightly written, FAN would have been an all-time classic in Indian cinema!

It is the terrific performance by Shah Rukh Khan that saves the second half. SRK has done a brilliant job as the Super Star Aryan Khanna and also fits perfectly as the unstable / disturbed youngster fanboy Gaurav. The idea of a Bollywood superstar playing a Bollywood superstar AND his biggest fan itself is highly exciting; it is even more wonderful to see Khan doing it. SRK is completely out of his comfort zone and is totally different from what we used to see in all his films in the last 10 years. SRK has done a film that is entirely unconventional with no songs, no heroine or no comedy artists. Take a bow, Shah Rukh Khan!

Verdict: FAN might not be a flawless entertainer, but an audacious attempt that deserves to be enjoyed in theater!

Rating: 3.75/5

Review by: Rahman

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